“Mummy, I Need a Break!”


Everyone knows that babies need naps. It’s just one of those facts that everyone has been made aware of. On the other hand, most of the time we just assume that when it’s nap time it is nap time and all the other times baby should be doing something else. Either eating, playing, or some other active baby thing. Well my son taught me a very good lesson. Sometimes, we all just need a break.

He had been playing hard for a while and he started getting a little fussy. He crawled over to his blankie and then stood by his rocking chair and I figured he needed a nap. I set him all up in it and something different happened. He laid there for a while, relaxing, watching out the window and really just taking a break. He didn’t end up falling asleep but he needed that half hour or so to just relax. Once he was done he told me he was awake and ready to get back to playing.

I don’t think I ever took the time to think that just like me, my little man could just need a break for a few minutes. Why wouldn’t he though? With all the new things he is seeing and learning everyday it shouldn’t surprise me he needs to rest. The mind needs a break just as much as the body does. We as adults are able to say, I need to sit down for a while and relax. Babies are just expected to constantly be going and that just isn’t right. Babies are just tiny adults. I still have trouble really realizing that they have all these same feelings that we do because until they can talk and explain to us these things, we only know what others show or tell us. Society has put babies in a whole new category of creature.

My son has taught me once again how wrong this thinking is. Now, when either of us want or need a break, I’ll be better equipped to respect these feelings and react the right way.

Thank You for Reading Lovelies!



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