Breastfeeding vs. Indecent Exposure – Free the Nipple?


I am pro nursing in public. I believe in feeding our children first before anything. Lately I’ve been attacked though because I believe in allowing breasts to be sexual.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Jeanna Hoch and how her facebook photo, the one above minus the blurred out nipple, has been reported and removed three times and the entire account was originally deleted. This was started by facebook announcing they are accepting nipple picture as long as they are being used for nursing. She claims to be have posted it as a nice picture between her and baby having skin to skin. Take note of her baby having clothes on. Yeah, skin to skin, right. Then she took the stand that she’s making a statement about rape culture and how she shouldn’t have to cover just so boys don’t look at her sexually. This is where I have an issue.

Nursing is beautiful. A nip slip because baby unlatches is fine and dandy. I believe in sexuality though. I honestly believe that this crazy new idea of ridding the world of sexuality is ridiculous. Yes, it’s strange that we are the only country as a whole to think of boobs that way. I also believe that being sexual gives a lot of woman confidence. Having the power to turn on Corey makes me happy. It boosts my confidence and frankly even though my breasts are no longer being used sexually by me, a lot of woman do use them. You aren’t going to change everyone overnight and make breasts, something that we are told is porn, isn’t sexual. Until a body is nothing besides a body and we are no longer naturally attracted to each others appearance, I think that we shouldn’t be fighting the gender barrier and trying to free the nipple, I think we need to just take control of our sexuality and decide one way or another when we are being sexual or if our intent is more innocent.

Exposing ourselves at this point is doing nothing besides setting back the fight for the right to nurse in public. One of the naysayers main beliefs is that we do it just to show our breasts. Why are we now trying to prove them right? More over, Jeanna’s picture bothers me because of her face. She looks like she is trying to seduce us! All the picture does is make me angry. She looks at us like, “Hey here’s my boob. Oh and by the way I am allowed to post this because over in the corner my child is feeding.” This is not helping our cause. This is a real slap in the face to me. I fight every day to be able to discretely give my child the best thing I can for him. I do it discretely because later I am going to go home and use my body a whole different way which is my right. Publicly I have more respect for myself and others though to do something like Jeanna. This does not mean that when I see a woman naked or in skimpy clothing I assume they are being sexual or rude, that is their choice to make. It’s hot and if I were a little more comfortable with my body I would gladly wear very short shorts and a small tank top all of the time. I wouldn’t be thinking about men drooling over me. It would be my choice to be cool.

I have a wonderful friend who said it best I believe. Her name is Lauren and to quote her, “I think women should own their bodies and love themselves. I think men should learn control. I think there’s a major lack of it. I don’t think women should all start running around naked or 13 year olds should start wearing daisy dukes, but we do live in a society that focuses mostly on pleasing men. We have strict dress codes all across the country in schools that mainly focus on female students, rape culture is rampant, breasts have such a shock factor when half the population has them and I don’t think breast feeding should be shamed all because some guy might jizz his pants spotting a nipple, a knee or a shoulder.” Lauren is the proud co-owner of the GOMGO YouTube channel which I will link at the end.

On the other hand, nudity can be beautiful. There is another picture I would like to share though which hits me completely differently. The difference is what this woman is doing. She is comfortably laying in bed, nursing her child, and the picture is just a moment in her life that supports the bond of mother and child. I think it’s all about connotation.

On the 8th I took my son to a play date and we were talking about this. Her husband has personally said to her that boobs are made for two things and he absolutely can distinguish between them. She nursed her two year old until very recently and he, like most men, could understand that. Most men do. I’ve never had a problem with a man while I was breastfeeding. It’s women that have sexualized the breast. If you don’t want it to be sexual, then don’t act like it is. It’s that easy.


Tell me what you think though. Would you go out in public and let both breasts hang out while nursing? And if you would, why?

Thanks for Reading!

Lauren’s YouTube Channel:


4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding vs. Indecent Exposure – Free the Nipple?

  1. Letting women expose their breasts in public, whether to nurse or to just hang out topless like men do is not going to “rid the world of sexuality”. As you say, there are many other places that do not have such a hang up about breasts. They still have plenty of sex. I think Jeanna’s photos are beautiful & help destigmatize breasts and help others see them as not just sexual objects. Sex is their secondary purpose, like lips for example. Censoring them just fuels their sexualization, which is why so many people have problems with breastfeeding mothers in the first place.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I don’t like this whole thing and it freaks me out so many are on board with it. I like the fact that they are sexual – there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that, I don’t want them to have the same status as men’s – it feels like a demotion. Don’t demote my nipples! ;P I have no desire to see other women’s breasts unless I go looking for them. The “then don’t look” case doesn’t work because it’s in public and I should be able to be in public without seeing that. There are plenty of ways to feed your child modestly. It isn’t an issue, but people are making it one because they want to be a part of this thing…. jump on the bandwagon. It has nothing to do with love for their children or gender equality. It’s just another thing people want because nothing ever seems to be enough. There are actual important causes – meaningful ones – that don’t offend others that people could get on board with but then where’s the appeal? I think it’s quite sad.

    But I agree with all you wrote. Glad SOMEONE else thinks this way!! ^_^

    • Thank you for commenting! To say the least I haven’t gotten much of a good response to this because, as you said, people love being on this stupid bandwagon and no matter what they don’t see the logic against it all. It’s two separate maters. Your child is not going to be upset you can’t walk around Naked. In fact, they probably would be upset if you can! People just get so upset when you are against them because they want to be a feminists but this isn’t a feminist thing. This is, I should get everything men have, blah blah blah… It doesn’t make sense though. Own your sexy.

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