Great Television Shows for Babies, Children, and You!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that television is bad for children. Well fine, but putting my child in the living room with an episode of one of these four shows so I can get dinner done is a wonderful advantage to having a tv. None the less, my son only cares to watch one episode at a time. At least there are these wonderful shows I can trust to show my child only things I would want him to see.


Personally, Mickey Mouse isn’t my all time favorite show but my son is in LOVE with it. He picked up a Mickey Mouse stuffy at a store and ever sense he’s been all about Mickey. That’s okay though because Mickey and the gang have a million wonderful things to teach him. To start with, Toodles is this amazing tool that gives four options to help them along the way. This teaches children to make great connections. Oh we need to jump, I need something to jump, an option is a trampoline. Oh trampolines are made for jumping. On top of that, the air of friendship is a constant theme. They are always trying to help each other, including Pete. Pete is the “bad” guy. He is selfish and always putting himself first. The club helps him realize that friendship and working together is so much better. Each episode is like a scavenger hunt. They need to help each other get something done in order to do the hot dog dance at the end of the day. That song will be stuck in your head but it’s worth it with all the great morals your child can pull from Mickey and friends.


Where as Mickey was something my son picked on his own, Blue’s Clues was mama’s, my, favorite children’s show. I’ve decorated his whole room with Blue and her pals. He’s got a dozen stuffys. Although he prefers Mickey, Blue is another show that grabs his attention right away. He’ll sit down in his rocking chair and really relax with an episode. This is a great one for younger kids because it’s incredibly repetitive. You have to find three clues, write them in Steve/Joe’s notebook, sit down in their thinking chair and think, think, thinkkkkkkk. Cause when we use our mind, take a step at a time, we can do anything that we want to do! Also known as, Steve or the newer host Joe asks Blue what she wants to do today, with a general theme like bed time, shapes, music, or school, and Blue answers by giving three clues marked by Paw Prints. Thanks to Amazon Prime, which hosts every episode, Caleb gets to watch this almost daily. Along with this 1, 2, 3 mentality of figuring things out, Blue’s Clues is also a great teacher for basic sign language. Think, thank you, come on, and a made up sign for Blue is used often. As a home where sign is not necessarily used but still supported, I greatly appreciate the incorporation of it in Blue’s Clues. I think something that draws children in is the idea of a real person with the cartoon characters. Either way, I highly recommend this.


Oh the Wonder Pets. This is another one with a song that will be very much stuck in your head, and it isn’t even that good a song. On the other hand I love this show for it’s pushiness about teamwork, taking turns, and helping animals. Then on top of it you get to see all these common and some uncommon animals and the sounds they make. It’s wonderful. My little sister had an obsession with celery after watching this show as a toddler. Who doesn’t want a kid with healthy eating habits? It’s a little far fetched and less entertaining over all than the other two shows but it’s still something I can recommend for it’s message.


This one is a little different. I recommend this not only for the child but for the parent. This show has a beautiful attachment parenting and gentle discipline outlook. A specific example is this episode where Caillou has outgrown a shirt that a family member gave to him. His mother tried to take it to give his sister. When he protested she gave it back. He tried to wear it, realized it didn’t fit, and put it on a teddy bear instead of giving it to his sister. I’ve seen people criticize this episode and say the mom should have taken it and called it good. I look at it very differently. By not taking it, letting him realize that he can grow out of things, be respected that it is HIS shirt and his property and not have something belonging to him taken away, he learns that his mother respects what is his instead of learning she is a mean person who takes what is his, doesn’t care, and when he see’s his sister wearing it being even more mad. This approach is beautiful and shows that good things can come out of not saying no once in a while. Overall the show is about growing up, gaining responsibilities, and being creative. There are a few episodes, like the one about the monsters under the bed, I would prefer my son not to watch but over all it shouldn’t be an issue and for the parents to watch it with their kiddos would benefit them both.

Thank You For Reading!


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