Mommi’s TV Indulgence

Two days ago I wrote about shows that are great for children. It got me thinking about the tv that I watch and I know there are going to be some people out there asking, when do you have time for this now that you are a mom, but I make time. It’s nice to relax, do nothing, and watch someone else live. So, here are my three favorite tv shows and why.


Now I know I’m not alone. I laugh hysterically on mommy facebook groups when the question of tv comes up. At least 90% of people will agree  that Law & Order SVU is the best show out there. People like to get angry. It’s just human nature. For a mother, even just a woman, watching this show makes them feel all the feels. I have watched every single episode of this show. It’s one of those things where you hate watching it because it’s so depressing and infuriating but the characters are remarkable and well developed. Plus, for the most part, each episode does have a happy moment or two that makes if feel like they are winning despite it all.


Now for the old lady in me! I swear that despite I have nothing in common with these ladies, I watch and feel like I can completely relate. It’s great though. They are successful women who have a hard time with love and other harder parts of life. It’s nice to see someone that age, the age I often feel, not have it all together. Over all it’s got a great message on friendship and working hard to be happy but also that living simply is okay.


And for the teenager in me. I have been watching this show for at least six years now. It keeps me feeling young but also shows me how happy, normal, and mature my life has become. It’s one of those things where the show is so ridiculous and crazy that it makes you feel better about your not so ridiculous and crazy life. I’ve seen all but the last two seasons of the ORIGINAL Degrassi High. Either way, I totally recommend. The first four or five seasons was the best. Degrassi Goes Hollywood was amazing. It’s all in good fun though.

Thanks for Reading!


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