The One Flaw of Attachment Parenting-The Overly Attached Parent

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Well dang. I hear all the time how my child is never going to be independent and all this other bologna about Attachment Parenting. They tell me that he’ll never want out of my bed, he’ll always be attached to my boob, and he’s never going to walk. They are SO wrong.

Caleb is so terribly independent and it kind of breaks my heart. Since he was born he has been sleeping with me. It’s just easier to breastfeed and it’s so comforting to have him in bed with me… Now he’s got this desire to sleep in his own bed. It’s actually a swing and not so much a bed but either way it’s not MY bed and that means he is no longer snuggling with me. I was up until three this morning laying there waiting for him to wake up and want to nurse so I could bring him to bed because without him I can no longer sleep. To make it worse, when he was done nursing he couldn’t get comfy in my bed and requested to go back to his swing until seven this morning. I did eventually fall asleep but it was a real struggle.

It’s the same with breastfeeding. He’s a food lover for sure. Now if anyone around him is eating real food he will refuse the boob until he gets a little bit of solids and it makes me really jealous. I love our booby time. It relaxes me and really perks me up and I hope that it does the same to him but when he chooses to eat solids instead of drink the boob juice it makes me question that. I’m just thankful he still likes being worn. He likes his stroller as well but we use it so rarely I don’t think it makes too much of a difference.

Even in everyday play I get a little bit sad. I get down to play with him and because he’s so confident in what he’s doing he’ll just play by himself a lot of the time and I sit here wondering what I’m supposed to do if he doesn’t need me for another half hour or so. I’ve gotten so attached to being there for him all of the time that when he starts to do his own thing because he’s growing up and has all this confidence it makes me feel a little lonely. On the other hand, I’m so happy for him. He’s a smart, healthy, strong, and loving little boy. He will still come check in with me and give me kisses then go back to playing. He’ll still snuggle into me after he’s had a long play and needs a rest. It’s just hard to let go I suppose. I guess I’m doing my job though. Raising independent and caring kids can be a challenge but I think that our little family is moving in the right direction.

Thank You for Reading! Tell Me What You Think? Are You an Attached Parent Too?


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