Personal Comfort and Full Term Breastfeeding

10341476_10204002812850433_3854694459968414088_n^^ Joyce, a fellow full term breastfeeding supporter and friend of mine. ^^

Breastfeeding until your child wants to wean is wonderful. It’s this great bond between mother and child, helps their health, and it’s great for most moms as well. The reality though is that not EVERY mother feels this way. Some moms work really hard to nurse for even the first six months because they feel so uncomfortable. They don’t feel relaxed or comfortable with having another human sucking on their breasts. It’s not something that nature or normality is going to change. That’s okay. You tried and even breastfeeding one day is better than not breastfeeding at all.

What I want to talk about though, is what happens when your child is old enough to understand and tell you they want the boob, but you aren’t as comfortable anymore. Mayim Bialik, one of my favorite attachment parenting role models, mentioned that breastfeeding doesn’t work when either party is uncomfortable. She nursed full term with both of her children but it was on her terms and there is nothing wrong with that. When you nurse and feel uncomfortable you end up stressing. That stress gets passed onto your child and you both end up frustrated. There is no point in nursing by then if it’s just going to hurt your bond. Take a step back, think of what is best for you both, and go with it.

On the other hand, don’t let others make this decision for you. I have a friend who really loved nursing her two year old. Other than me, who only has a nine month old, gave her support on the situation though. Because of this, she decided to wean. We were talking about it just the other day and she really regrets and misses it. Her daughter seems fine with it and there has been no real change there, but personally she wishes she was still nursing. This is a very personal decision. The benefits of breastfeeding don’t just disappear at two years. There is no medical reason to stop. The only ones who can make the decision is you and your baby.

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