What’s in Mommi Sami’s Diaper Bag?


As most moms know, a Diaper bag is more than something to carry the wipes and diapers around in. It’s your purse; the thing that holds all the comforts of home on the go. Men just don’t understand. They think diaper bag and imagine it’s for just the basics. How wrong they are! That is exactly why I got this wonderful “Bold Bloom” zip top bag from Thirty One. It has all the space I need. Seven outside pockets and a huge inside are available for everything you need. I also got a ton of other thirty one bags in order to organize the rest of the stuff I have to carry around. So, today I’ve decided to share with you just what that is.

To start you have the outside pockets on the front and left side. Diapers right on the front for easy access. The pocket is the PERFECT size; I swear this bag was meant to be a diaper bag. It used to drive me crazy trying to do a quick diaper change and have to dig around the inside of a tiny bag to get said diaper out. No worries here. Then the other two front pockets have Caleb and I’s sunglasses and his Maraca. I always try to have the maraca with us and on the front so that when I’m out chatting with someone and he gets bored he can get it out for himself to play with. Then on the left you have his cup, which is usually empty and more there in case we go out to a restaurant or someone’s house and he wants juice instead of booby milk. Behind the cup are these fun snacks from the brand Plum. I think they taste disgusting but my son loves them and they are dairy, soy, and gluten free. They are like the frozen yogurt bites but made with rice milk instead. Another huge bonus? They are a dollar cheaper than the Gerber kind.


Then you have the back and right side. As you can see, Caleb’s favorite toy Mickey gets to go everywhere with us. Again, it’s easy access for him. The other pocket has a Thirty-One nail file, nail clippers, and a pacifier just in case. The other wonderful item in that pocket is my Lansinoh lanolin cream. It’s good on just about everything so I try to never leave home without it.

IMAG2014 IMAG2015

This is the inside empty and full. My keys hang right off of the inside tag, making them super easy to find, and usually my (you guessed it, Thirty-One) wallet hangs in there as well. Somehow I’ve lost this wallet for the moment. Really a sad fact but thankfully there wasn’t much in it. Even when I’ve put everything I have in the bag I can still fit plenty more including my Maya Ring Sling.

IMAG2007 IMAG2006

These are my two zipper bags. Both are water proof and easy to clean as you can just wipe the inside. The black one is full with two swim diapers, a bathing suit, onsie, pants, and socks. The other one is empty in case we have a blowout or no where to put a diaper. It prevents the whole bag from smelling and can be washed once we get home.

IMAG2012 IMAG2009

I love this little clutch bag. It has our whole little family on it customized which I find a little too thrilling. What’s in it though? Sharpies and Essential Oils! I am convinced that Sharpies should always be with you. That way you can write on anything you have to. The oils are orange, sage, and rosemary. These are my favorite and I like to always have them with me in case I need a pick me up, extra boob milk, or feel congested. The note book is for all my blog ideas. When I’m out and about I like to be able to write things down just in case. The other one is my iPad carrier with a matching notepad. This is actually only used at church. Bible on the iPad, info on the notepad. It is a safe place for the iPad though and matched the bag.

IMAG2013 IMAG2010

This part’s kind of funny. I have a cooler but it’s only really used to keep my WiC folder, bibs, and spoons in. Still if I have a water bottle or something for myself it’s a way to keep it cool at lest. The other thing is my coupon organizer and grocery list. I’m the kind of person who hates those lists but it helps me remember what I absolutely have to get and what coupons I have.

IMAG2008 IMAG2011

Last but not least I have a pillowed, portable, diaper change pad. It came with a place for diapers and wipes but to be honest neither get much use. The only time I really use it is if we’re at a store and I have to use a changing table in the bathroom because those things scare me. The other is the best book for when we are out. It has little bells in the handle and Caleb loves to read it over and over and do the actions in it. I think every diaper bag needs a book. You never know when quite time will arise.

And there you have it! That’s what keeps life going smoothy when we aren’t home.

Thank You for Reading!


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