A Simple Joy that Fills My Life


 Time and again my son reminds me of the good things in life.

Last night I was sitting in my “easy chair” whining because I had cramps and I was tired and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Then this little ball of awesome, also known as Caleb, crawled on over to me like he tends to do, with his truck, and stood against me. He started screaming aka talking to me and driving his car all over my legs. Anyone who could stay grumpy with a cute little man paying so much attention to them is a very silly person. I just burst out laughing and he handed me his truck so I could drive on him as well. I realized then that all I needed was to stop focusing on all the negatives and remember how blessed I am.

When I was growing up, and living with my aunt and uncle, I was kind of a sour puss at times. Every single morning, four in the morning when I’d just woken up to be more specific, my uncle would essentially yell to me, “If you act enthusiastic, you’ll be enthusiastic!” Of course like any teenager I just looked at him like he was the most annoying thing in the world. Since getting out on my own though, I have been enlightened. That really is the way to be. Just smiling releases endorphins that will make you feel better. When you focus on the good, you can see the good and you stop seeing all the bad. The best thing in my life though is my son. He makes me all the kinds of happy that there are.

So I suppose the thing you should all get from this little story is to start focusing on the good rather than the bad. Being bitter, looking at the world in a cynical way, just isn’t worth all the negative feelings that come from it. Being happy FEELS good. So, remember, “If you act enthusiastic, you’ll be enthusiastic.”

This sign hangs above my kitchen table .



2 thoughts on “A Simple Joy that Fills My Life

  1. I like that. It is sometimes easy to be down with the blaaas. I get it all the time, but you are right, you will see one adorable thing that your child does and it will snap you right back to reality. Life is good after all. Lovely post.

    • Thanks so much hun. Absolutely. Sometimes we just forget all the wonderful things around us. Our wonderful children though are the most wonderful blessings and can always brighten even the darkest day.

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