Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding in Public


Well, after looking at some of the other threads regarding this all over Gaia,
I feel like I really need to answer some of the concerns and questions that people have.
For nine months, almost ten, I have been nursing my son whenever and wherever we are.
So, here’s the facts:

-Aren’t Breasts sexual?
-Yes, they are, when you’re in the bedroom doing it or when you are trying to attract someone.
When you are feeding your child? No. At that point you are giving your child the milk that the bags of fat on your chest produce when you have a child just like any other mammal out there.
There is nothing sexual. You are serving a need. Frankly I’ve seen more boob at the beach than when we nurse. Seeing a tiny bit of side boob isn’t going to end the world.

-Why not just use a cover?
-Have you tried putting even the lightest cover over your head in summer? It gets hot. No matter how thin, the heat ends up getting stuck in there. It’s not comfortable. More over though, they are useless once baby is older and mobile like mine. I try putting a cover over us and my son rips it off which shows a heck of a lot more than if I just nursed him freely.

-Why not pump and use a bottle?
-Not everyone CAN pump. My son eats 4-8 ounces at a time. I can only pump 2 ounces MAX at a time. It takes too much extra time that mothers usually don’t have. More over, nipple confusion is a serious problem. Most babies will refuse the bottle if mom gives it to them because they prefer the boob.

-Why not go to the bathroom?
-Um… really? That is disgusting. You go eat in a bathroom. You go spend 20 minutes sitting in there, uncomfortable, eating. This is just common sense. It’s disgusting.

-Why not go to the car?
-Oh you mean the portable microwave? Yeah no, it’s hot. Sitting in the car is dangerous and extra uncomfortable.

-Why not just use formula?
-Well if you are talking about just in public, it messes with baby’s belly to use it and breast milk and baby will usually refuse it for the same reason as when you pump. Other than that though, look at the ingredients in formula. Not cool. Look that the “ingredients” in breastmilk aka BREASTMILK. Then you look at ease. At night I just sleep with my baby. He eats when he wants so I don’t even have to wake up. If I used formula I’d have to get up at night, warm the water, mix the formula, and stay up feeding it to baby.

-Why nurse in public at all?
-Because if we don’t then I’ll be asked this forever. Breastfeeding is a completely natural and normal occurrence throughout the world. If more people don’t see breastfeeding it can never be deemed normal. Worried about your child seeing? Why? It gives you a chance to very simply say, they are feeding their child in the most nutritious and normal way.

Any other questions?


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