Sanctimommy… Is It Really a Bad Thing?

Lately I’ve seen the line, “Mother knows best.” I’ve also seen, “We all parent differently, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” Sometimes that’s true. Whether you breastfeed or not, you’re still feeding your child. That’s great. Whether you bed share or not, as long as you’re there for your child, awesome. Some things just aren’t debatable. Some things are truly damaging to your child. When I, or anyone else for that matter, try to kindly mention such things, someone always pops up calling us a Sanctimommy. My knee jerk reaction is to backpedal. I don’t want to offend anyone or be too pushy but some subjects parents just aren’t educated about and the fact of the matter is often times I am. I do this research because of how important not only my child’s well being but others well being is to me. I do it because no one is perfect, I’ll be first to admit this, but the more you know the better you can do. So, next time you see someone doing something dangerous, speak up. Be proud to at least try to help a child. You don’t have to do it in a snarky way, you don’t even have to say much more than, hey have you heard about… Just say something because you never know what affect you’ll have on someone.
Here is a list of common topics that seem to be argued about but have all the scientific proof to back just one side:
Car Seats Do Not Belong on Top of Grocery Carts
Babies Should Not Start Food Till at the Least Four Months (look into open gut)
Cereal Does NOT Belong in Bottles
Rear Facing in the Car Seat till a Minimum of Two Years Really Can Save Lives
You Can Drink Alcohol and Nurse (Sober Enough to Drive=Sober Enough to Nurse -No Need to Pump and Dump!)

Feel free to ask me for more information on any of those things. I will give you information to back it up. Should I add anything to the list?


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