Northern Belles: Manners and Positivity ROCK!


A dear friend of mine and I have been really struggling with this great big World Wide Web. It feels like you can’t scroll down a Facebook news feed without being faced with negative post after negative post with just a whole lot of profanity and aggression thrown in. We’ve been in groups to try to change this. Sadly the groups have fallen short to our expectations.

This friend of mine and I dream of a world where your inner sun may shine, manners are always considered important, respect for both self and others is a must, and a good Southern Belle attitude fits in just perfectly. This dream had led us to create a group for those of us in the North (if you are in the south and this ideal applies to you, don’t shy away, just know that the majority will be from the North) that wish to see such an ideal brought to fruition. The link will be provided below. We will also be sharing books, recipes, and anything else fit for a Belle. So please, come join us for a wonderfully positive experience.

Northern Belle Coalition Group Link


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