Well It Only Takes a Minute


When you walk into my home, 80% of the time you will see dishes on my counter and in the sink. I wouldn’t blame you if your first thought was, “Ew, she’s a stay at home mom, is she just to lazy to do her job?” Most the time people actually come right out and say it, others just give me a look like, who are you again? Well, I’m here to tell you that I love doing the dishes and that is exactly why they aren’t done as often as they should be.
First off, we have a dishwasher but I refuse to use it. Since it is there though, it has become our dish rack in order to save counter space. The huge issue with this is my little one year old just HAS to climb into it every chance he gets.
Okay you say, why not just strap him in some where? Oh you mean a jumper or exersaucer he no longer fits in? Sure… Or a high chair? High chairs are great but this little one year old walker boy wants nothing less than to be free on the ground to roam around. He will eat a snack, do a little coloring, but shortly he will become bored and demand to be released.
Now again, I enjoy doing the dishes. It is my time. I love scrubbing away the gunk, the water running and muting the background noise, and being able to complete such a messy task gives me a great feeling. I don’t want to be rushed, I don’t want to listen to my little angel scream to me from behind a gate or strapped into a chair, and I certainly don’t want it to interrupt my play time with him either. So I wait until he takes a nap and I don’t have anything else pressing on my plate. With babysitting, his nap is usually not had at home which is why days can go by before I can get the chance to wash those dishes. I can assure you I’m not lazy, I’m not a bad mom, but I’m not going to sacrifice something I enjoy doing just to please someone coming into my home. Washing dishes calms me. Until I can get to that point, they can wait.
The moral? Well I suppose you can take a few things from this but the big one is to do what makes you happy even if it doesn’t fit someone else’s vision.


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