Gentle, Peaceful, and Attached Parenting through Life

When you hear attached parenting you think of infants and toddlers. You think breastfeeding, baby wearing, co sleeping… The truth though, is that is is so much more than that.
I attend a class called PLTI (Parent Leadership Training Institute) and the group is a truly fabulous group of people. We are all there for the common goal of making a better and more supportive world for children. Last night we were asked to list the things children need from us at all different parts of life and to create an emblem or logo that would distinguish each group. After we finished I looked back over them and saw the perfect answer to, “How do you gently/attached parent wen after toddlerhood?” I asked the group if I could post these answers and they all thankfully said yes so here it is my dear readers.







One of the biggest things I got from this is that in a class of about ten (it depends on the week) we could all very easily agree that these things were common sense. If you were to take 100 people off the street you would find many people who disagree. Let’s aim to change that. Let’s put parents back in charge of raising their children. Let’s give them the responsibility of providing all of these things. It’s not easy, it’s nearly impossible, but it is absolutely vital that we do our best to create the best next generation of adults that we can!

Thanks for reading my lovelies.


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