Fluff Bums are so Dang Cute


Disposable diapers… Who’s seen the video going around about the uses for what’s IN a disposable diaper? It’s crazy and just a little be terrifying. All the more reason to love this Fluff Bum journey we’ve begun.

Caleb had been getting terrible rashes from leaks and what looked like chemical burns. Seeing him in pain I said, “No more!” Cloth is an investment. You can use them for more than one child, they have less leaks (ruining less clothes), and lets be frank here… they can be absolutely adorable! Never doing or even really looking into cloth before, I was sure I wanted to start using them but had no idea where to start. Luckily Caleb’s best friends’ mum’s, also my friends, are total masters of the cloth bumming.

These lovely ladies took me down to our local Cloth Diapering store, Eco Baby Boutique in Sanford, ME, and the owner Stacey helped me get a good start. I ended up purchasing three diaper covers and six prefolds as well as some diaper safe laundry detergent. She showed how to set the prefold up in the cover and we went on our way. The first 24 hours using these diapers was awesome but completely chaotic. I was doing laundry every few hours to keep him in cloth and I learned that his normal outfit, a onsie and size 12 month pants, were NOT going to work over his fluff bum. The solution? Maxaloones for pants (or size 18 overalls) and either ditching the onsie for a regular shirt or a onsie extender.

first covers

A few days later Amy, one of my friends, beyond kindly gave me six pocket diapers and I ordered charcoal bamboo inserts (which are apparently a great insert and really well priced on Amazon!). These diapers (with inserts) hold SO much pee and keep all of the moisture off of Caleb thanks to the fleece layer. Adding these extra six that don’t need to be changed quite as often helped a ton.

THEN my friend Brittney and I split an order from Sun Baby for their diapers… SO CUTE. I wasn’t a huge fan of their inserts so I really need to order more, but they are certainly cute and adding those three as well as one more cover has rounded it out so we only need to do one load a day.


So what did I learn that might help you? For an 18 month old you need about ten-fifteen diapers and a washing machine available, covers with two prefolds work pretty well for over night but a fleece layer would make it even better, and gosh baby poop is nasty.


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