I think I’ll go for a walk outside now…

My goodness this sweet child just LOVES being outside. We had a terrible winter full of below zero temperatures and just too much wet and white stuff everywhere. Caleb was not a fan of snow. It’s really as simple as that. Because of that though, we never really got to be outside. We got lazy and really kind of depressed. We slept more, laid around more, and just didn’t have as much drive as I like to think we do. We live in Maine though so none of this was anything new to me.

As soon as that yucky white stuff started to melt though, my sweet little man was ready to be outside 24/7. Every day he brings us his shoes and will throw them at his daddy or I’s head until we get him dressed and tell him he can go outside to play. He’s fast. Fast and Independent. He loves to tell us where he’s going to go and he has no fear when it comes to such. Today at the park he decided that climbing the brick wall was a good idea. He completely gave my heart palpitations but he did a fantastic and very impressive job.

Some of our favorite things to do outside include jumping in puddles (despite¬†unfortunately not having rain boots that fit him), rolling down our drive way (which is a hill) on his little car, and running around with daddy way to close to the water fall for Mama’s comfort. I think back just a few short months and can’t imagine him doing any of these things. He never would have been walking around outside so confidently. He’d never be driving his car at all because for some reason until just a couple months back he wouldn’t even sit on it. On top of all that I don’t think I would have trusted him to decide to do all of these things. I would have run in front of him down the hill just in case he fell off. I would have said, “Oh no that puddle is too wet and cold.”

Seeing my sweet little toddler succeed at these crazy things he has decided to do amaze me and make me cherish him more and more. He shocks me every day and if I wasn’t trusting him then I’d never know how smart and creative he can be. Going outside shows off these great things to me. So, take a walk.


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