My Boy is so Blond!

Big Boy Hair Cut

When Caleb was born, he came out with jett black hair. Dark as can be. Dark as mine. I was so excited that, oooo he has my hair! I should have known just from how it set, where his part was, that I was sadly mistaken.


As time went on his hair started growing out and more specifically it started growing out blond. His daddy had somewhat light hair but nothing like this. The funniest part is that as his hair grew out blond, his tips (the hair he was born with) remained and made him look like he had dip dyed tips. I had actual people come up and ask me if we dyed his hair. I’m always like, “Yes of course I dyed my babies hair. Makes total sense.” Because of those tips though, his hair still looked much darker than he does now…

His daddy apparently was the same way though. He was born with dark hair and by two he had long, bleach blonde hair down to his shoulders. I wish I had a picture of that to show you all. The two of them are such twins. Drives me a little jealous, I wish I could see more of me in Caleb, but seeing the two together makes my heart happy.


We decided that he needed a hair cut. Not because his hair was too long for a boy but because it was too long for him to function. It was stabbing him in the eyes, getting food stuck in it all the time, and tickling his back. Originally it was supposed to be just a little trim… Well, as my wonderful aunt went along she “had to make it even” so a little more than expected came off and my baby’s dark tips are now gone. My oh my, he is so dang BLOND.

Everyone that knows him and sees him now says the same thing. He’s so Blond! People seem not to recognize him without a double look. He looks like a “big” boy now and it’s so dang adorable. What a milestone for us… It took a lot out of me to accept his need for a hair cut. I thought I was going to grow it out forever but it really was needed. Now he looks so dang cute and even more like his daddy.


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