Art of a Conversation: Toddler Edition


^^^ Look at the Blue’s Clues Shirt^^^

My sweet little barely eighteen month son has quite the vocabulary. Some of his favorite words include Sister (for our cat), Go, Yes, Dani, Mama, and Yum. Through the day he likes to shock me by spitting out some pretty great words such as hamburger and uncle. The best for me though? The fact that, at least 40% of the time, he has the phrase “Thank You” down pat for when someone gives him something. Warms my heart right up.

Let’s be realistic though. A few words here and there does not a conversation make. Watching Caleb watch Blue’s Clues though, showed me just how well he grasps what a conversation is. In the show Steve (or Joe) goes about it essentially the same way; asking questions that the viewer can answer. He’d say, “You see a clue? Where?” Caleb would respond by loudly babbling and pointing at the screen. It hit me that what he was doing WAS having a conversation. Someone said something to him, he responded and waited for the someone to say something else back to him. It dawned on me just how smart that really was. Words are important of course, but being able to have a proper conversation, to me at least, is just as important. So… yay!


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