Mommi Recipe #1


Food is hard. Life would be so much easier if we could all just hire personal chefs to cook for our families. Since that’s just not very realistic for most of us, I’ll help you out a little. I love to create easy to cook and new things for my picky eater. No, I’m not talking about Caleb. Caleb will eat anything you put in front of him. Corey on the other hand…

So for today I want to share what I threw together for dinner last night. I’m calling it Hamburger Rotini and it was a huge hit for the three of us. It has all the positives of a hamburger without the bun.


1lb of Hamburger

1/2lb Mushrooms

1/2 Onion

1-2c Rotini (or whatever noodles you have on hand)

Block of Cheddar Cheese

1/4c Cream or Whole Milk

Salt, Pepper, and a dash of Garlic


Fill up half a good sized pot with water and add a couple dashes of salt. Set it up on the stove on high to boil.

Preheat a skillet or you know, regular pan, at medium for a few minutes and then brown the hamburger.

By then your water should be boiling so go ahead and toss in the noodles.

Drain the grease from the hamburger and put it to the side.

Pull out a smaller pot and put in the cream (or whole milk) and put it on a burner on medium high. Chop up the cheese block into cubes while letting the cream/milk boil.

If milk is boiling, drop the cheese in.

Chop the onion, and place it in a microwave safe bowl with water covering it. Nuke it for two minutes. This is a great way to soften onions in no time.

Stir the cheese sauce! If it’s chunky, add a little more cream or butter. It’s up to you here.

Noodles should be done. Stir, test, strain, and plop it back in the pan, but off the burner.

Add the hamburger, mushrooms, and onions into the cheese sauce. Stir it all together and then poor it into the noodles.

Salt, Pepper, and Garlic to taste.



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