Fluffy Bum Doesn’t Fit? Custom it Is!


I never imagined I’d ever order my child custom clothes. I’m the kind of person who thrifts for everything from clothes to furniture and in a way even food. What I learned very quickly though about cloth diapering is that pants no longer fit the way they used to. It’s getting warmer so it’s not a huge issue since a cloth bum and tee shirt is alright to wear anywhere and since body suits can be bough a size bigger and be fine as well. We live in Maine though so we still have our days that are just too chilly. Yeah baby leggings work great too, but we only have one pair and they don’t go with everything. So… Maxaloones.

Maxaloones are these awesome pants that grow with your kiddo and they have a stretchy fabric circle over the bum so that cloth diapers can fit better without being squished (which can cause leaking). What makes them extra great is at the waist and feet there is breathable, stretchy fabric that can be rolled up or down to change the size. This one pair will last him at least another year.

I ended up commissioning Morgan, from Crabby Pants (they have custom diapers!), to make us a Mickey Mouse pair of Maxaloones and ended up splurging for the matching hooded tee shirt. We, all three of us, absolutely love this outfit!! It’s so comfy, just warm enough, and fits like a glove. Plus, I mean, it’s Mickey Mouse. Caleb’s favorite thing in the world is Mickey Mouse. Which leads me to the next thing I wanted to tell you, he is constantly asking to wear it and actually helps put it on which is very different from how he normally acts when it comes to clothing.

Yesterday we went to Papa’s, a local sub shop, and I took off the tee shirt part to avoid it getting stained and he instantly started whining to get it back. Never before have I seen my child want to wear clothing. Corey and I got a good chuckle out of that.

Things are just going so well. Caleb eats like a champ even though he’s still nursing. He sleeps through the night right by my side. Thanks to Brittney, my friend, we are now the proud owner of an Ergo and Caleb adores being carried in it. Being a crunchy and attached mother just makes my life so much easier and happier.


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