The First Leak-Still Loving Cloth


For the first time ever, Caleb leaked through cloth today. I was so sad. What made it worse is he had to be in the ergo, had to take his pants off, and the fact he leaded was just disappointing. So what did I do about it? I went over to Eco Baby Boutique with my friends and got him a “cool dude” pair of baby leggings! These things fit really well, even over his ever so chubby thighs, diaper changes are a total breeze, and the best part is he can show off his ever so cute fluff bum.

Corey started off really reluctant to cloth. It started with, oh ew. Then he got to, I don’t know how to do it. Now his only real issue is with the cloth wipes so he still uses the disposable ones. When I first mentioned baby leggings to him it was a big no. I even made a pair… that was an even bigger no. When I came home with these today though he was totally into them. Yes, I totally picked the foot ball ones in hopes that he would like them and it worked.

Cloth has become a total blast for us. Searching out all the new patterns, trying to figure out the best deals and fit, and learning about the proper care is a new hobby for me. I’m still a newb when it comes to cloth but for all of my fellow newbs I figured I would share some of the things I’ve gathered from this wonderful new experience.

Brand wise price does not mean something’s better. The two cheapies I’ve tried (each about $5) are Sun Baby and Alva. I don’t really recommend Sun Baby as much as I’m not a fan of the fit and the bamboo inserts I like. On the other hand Alva diapers fit wonderfully, are super sturdy, just the right size, and the best part is you don’t have to buy six at a time. You can buy one and it’s all good. Another thing I’ve learned… CHARCOAL BAMBOO is the best kind of insert. You can get 8 for $20 on Alva’s website and you really should. It’s super cheap that way and they work the absolute best.

For a slightly more expensive brand but my absolute favorite, try out Sweet Pea diapers. Both their covers and All in One bamboo diapers are fantastic. They fit really well, have double elastic around the legs, and with double snaps they aren’t going to come off or roll down uncomfortably. At night all we do is double up on their prefolds in a cover and it lasts no problem till morning. I’m a little excited about this brand. They have really cute prints for both boys and girls (not that it matters) and they are really reasonably priced for such nice diapers. I’m meeting the people who make them next month and I can’t contain my excitement.

I hope that those of you questioning or thinking about cloth diapering take the dive. It’s a really great thing to do for the environment, your wallet, and your little one’s bum.



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