Daddy’s First Night Nappy

Daddy's First Night Time Change

Woohoo! This was just last night and it’s going to be a short post but this is a monumental moment right here.

Corey, finally, willingly put Caleb in his “night nappy” without even being asked. Until now he has thrown a bit of a tantrum every time I even hinted at him putting it on. He would put on a pocket diaper without much of a problem but a cover and prefolds? Not so much. So, yay everyone. Last night he properly, without being asked, got Caleb ready for bed and I’m so incredibly pleased.

The cover pictured, as well as the prefolds, are from Sweet Pea Diapers.


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s First Night Nappy

  1. hehe daddy does the same here, but waking up to a wet patch in the bed made him wise up :) how do you do your prefolds for nights?

    • We ended up buying him a Rumparoo cover that he liked the pattern of that had velcro instead of snaps to make it “his” night time diaper. Silly man.

      I just use two prefolds flat in the cover. During the day though I use the angel fold which means the front is folded like normal but the bum area I open it up and smooth it out. It catches poop the best and you don’t risk staining the cover as much. Thank you for asking. I’ll do a cover demo on here :)

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