Updates and Announcements!

First of all… my phone, aka my camera, has been destroyed by a certain, sweet, little boy dropping it into a cup of tea. Second, I’m really awful at updating this blog. Life gets busy, I go to long, and then months go by before I post anything. I’m so grateful for the people still following me. I’m amazed that people are still finding their way to my blog even without consistent posting!

Now to give you all a run down of what has been taking so much of my time!

July we did a lot of outside play. Family walks, water play, pools, etc. It was fun but there weren’t any huge events.

August, I turned 21! We had a karaoke night at a local bar. People tried, and failed, to get me drunk. Instead, I stayed lightly buzzed and sang my heart out. My aunt took Caleb over night, and Corey and I had a weirdly kid free date the next day. Also! We went to Caleb and Corey’s first music festival, Soul Fest. I’ll tell a lot more about that later.

September was a big month. Not only did I go back to school, working on an Education Associates degree, but Caleb started Preschool! He absolutely loves it.

This month, just five days ago, something amazing happened… My baby, my favorite person in the world, this tiny little being that grew inside of me… TURNED TWO! It was a fantastic family day.

Now that you’re caught up, I want to talk about a new series we’ll be starting, in real life and on here, Monday. Because we are planning to Home/Unschool, and we’re living in Maine, once Caleb get’s older we’ll have to create portfolios to get signed off on. I’m a planner kind of person. I like to know what we are doing every day so… I’ve been working on gathering resources and combining curriculum to start building a preschool curriculum. Monday is the first day of “home school preschool” for us and I will be sharing, hopefully each day, what we did. Each week will have a theme and activities to go along with it. The curriculum is good for ages 2-5!

Thank you again for reading!!


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