Caleb’s Train of Toys

aThis is one of those times where I just have to share, because I’m irrationally excited and proud. Today Caleb worked very hard, all on his own, creating a train of his toy vehicles. The bigger ones he even put riders into. This project of his took serious brain and motor skills. Planning ahead what he would be doing, putting little riders into the right spots, and even how the big toys were in the middle while the small ones were at each end… It feels like a really cool milestone to me.

I don’t have a huge point to this post, other than it’s part of our lives and felt important. The last week Caleb has taken serious leaps and bounds. It’s like he turned two and became a whole new kid. He’s using sentences, become extra kind (like tonight when he got himself an apple he also grabbed one for me), and he’s started doing a ton of pretend play. One of the secretaries at my school gave him a little Pooh Bear figurine yesterday. Since then, he’s had a Minnie Mouse figurine constantly with Pooh. Apparently they like to kiss. All of this just puts a big smile on my face.


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