Preschool Love

First Day of Preschool

When I chose to go back to school I had to find child care for Caleb. It worked out perfectly. His preschool is only a five minute walk from my school, has amazing credentials, and is incredibly affordable. We spent a few days before deciding to send him there checking out the school, letting him play at the playground, meeting teachers, and having him sit in on half days. He loved it, we felt comfortable, so we signed him up to start on the first day.

That picture makes me laugh every time I see it. We had just walked up to the school, I wanted a few first day of school pictures, but Caleb had a different idea. He marched right up those steps saying, “Bye, I go in.” He turned around just long enough for me to get this snapshot. We made our way inside and he went right to playing. We said bye, since I had to go to school myself, and he didn’t even look up. My attachment parenting raised love bug had no problems with us leaving him at school.

Now we are five weeks in, and nothing has changed. He loves going to school, is having so much fun, and his teachers are very impressed with how much he knows compared to his peers. Each night before a school day I ask him if he wants to go to school, and just gets so excited! I thought that we’d all have a much harder time with this adjustment, but it turns out we all had the tools to do it.


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