Christmas With Littles


I am so in love with this small human. Watching him “open” gifts was the absolute sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. He was clueless. He would have been completely content with watching his Auntie Pae Pae open her gifts. He didn’t understand why he was being given so many things. He’d open one and just want to play with it instead of opening the next one.

Christmas was really great this year though. We had been so worried the months leading up to it, worrying we wouldn’t have much to get him anything good. When asked what he wanted Santa to bring him, he told us very specifically, “Puppy Chase!” A quick google search showed that we had two options for a plush Chase. There was a really mediocre one for cheap, or a really nice one for $40 that was way out of our budget. We decided on the mediocre one, but didn’t buy it right away. When we went to a local surplus store, called Mardens, we ended up finding a huge blessing. The $40 puppy we wanted so badly to get him was there… for $13!! We snatched it up, and were floating on air till Christmas time.

On top of that awesomeness, one of my kind friends sent us a $35 gift card to Amazon to help make a happy Christmas. We ended up buying laundry detergent, some canned food, a headset for Corey’s Christmas gift, and the Big Book of Booboos from Doc McStuffins for Caleb. Then another kind friend sent Caleb a Marshal in his Fire Engine toy from Paw Patrol. That little Marshal is his favorite thing of all. He hasn’t stopped playing with it!

We were truly blessed, and the day itself was very low key and happy. Family was not stressed, and even my Nana was in a good mood, which never happens.


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