Happy Sicky Nursling


Reason eighty-bajillion I’m so glad I haven’t completely weaned:
Caleb has a bit of a cold, and he’s okay, but he’s not super hungry right now. For the last few months he’s only been nursing a few minutes a day, if that. During this cold though, he’s just wanted to nurse a lot. It help’s him sleep, makes his throat feel better, gives him antibodies to help him heal… Liquid gold my friends. He’s napping right now after a twenty minute nursing session, and I’m so grateful at this time he really needs it, he has that comfort available to him.

He started getting this cold on Christmas Eve, and was up a good chunk of the night coughing, but giving him a sip of boob juice helped soothe his throat and go back to sleep. When I mentioned it to someone the next day, they couldn’t believe I was still nursing. That’s okay. It happens. A lot of people aren’t educated about nursing. The comment went something like, “He’s eating steak! He shouldn’t be doing that… should he?”

Breast milk NEVER loses it’s value. It’s not as though it’s the only thing that Caleb eats, but it’s the thing he drinks with the most nutrition, and that’s amazing. Your immune system still needs a lot of help even as a toddler and preschooler. Breast milk helps with that. Your teeth and hair is starting to really grow in, and your eyes are getting stronger. Breast milk helps with that. It’s liquid gold at it’s finest, and a completely natural thing.

Around the world, the average weaning age is closer to five. I imagine that we’ll be stopping within the next year. He nurses very rarely now; however, today it’s a real blessing for us both.


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