Family. Important.

I’ve mentioned my love of sign language before. I want to share something I really love from the language. The signs for “family” and “important” are very similar. The hand shape is the same, and the movement only a little bit different. Some would say it’s coincidence, but I feel like it says a lot. Family IS important.

To me, family is a choice. I have very few blood relatives that I consider “family” despite our connection. On the other side, I have many people in my life, that I would gladly call family. I’d say the definition of family is: Someone who cares for, doesn’t give up on, and supports you even when you make mistakes.

Corey and I loved living in Virginia. It was beautiful, cheap, and the atmosphere made us happier people in general. When I got pregnant, we made the choice to move back to Maine to be around my aunt. I wanted more than anything for Caleb to know his family, and know that he had these people he could rely on. I am a very blessed person. Even after everything I put my aunt through, she still cares for me so deeply, and I don’t know how I could ever repay her for that. We’d love to go back to Virginia, but we love her more.


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