Free Clothes!!

I can not contain my excitement over this! My friend shared it with me, and now I’m sharing it with all of you. I got seven incredibly nice things for Caleb, as well as n not pictured dress for me, for 55 CENTS. Now, you can do the same for your family!

This company, Schoola, aims to be the new Goodwill. 40% of all sales go directly to schools, and the prices are so low for name brand stuff, that it’s really hard to resist. To start, you can get $40 worth of stuff (that’s off of their prices, it’s really closer to $100 worth of stuff) free.

Here’s The Link! Enjoy Schoola!!

1. All you need to do is sign up, you’ll get $10.00 towards your order, which you’ll automatically get once you check out!
2. After joining you can make a new collection under the collection tab, and as long as you add clothes without the yellow tab you’re good!
3. You’ll need to spend so much in order to get free shipping, but if you check your email you’ll also get an extra 25% off, and clicking my link will get you and me an extra $20!
(plus shipping is free right now 1/26/16)
4. After placing your first order, you’ll be directed to your OWN page with your OWN LINK, so you as well can share this opportunity to receive $20 in credit!
5. Enjoy your new clothes!!




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