Our Family is Growing!


That’s right! Baby number two is on his way. We found out back in October that I was pregnant, but we kept it under wraps for a long time. For many reasons. One reason being it had already taken us SO long to get pregnant in the first place. We didn’t want to tell people and have something go wrong. Another reason though is that we wanted to work on us. We had gone through a rough patch because we stopped communicating. We decided to work on us, get our relationship healthy, and then announce so we had a clear plan in mind of what we were doing with one another and our family. We are stronger than ever, and now I can focus on telling you all (now that I’m already eight months pregnant!!!) about this incredible little being I’m growing, how we all reacted, and how fantastically this pregnancy is treating me.2

This sweet little being, who looks just like his big brother Caleb, is a huge blessing in the eyes of all three of us. Caleb has been begging for a baby sister (oops lol) for the longest time, but he’s pretty excited for his baby brother as well. He has big plans of sharing his toys, helping his brother learn to play, and teaching him how to eat from the boob. He wants to be my big helper, and with the way he is around other babies, I know he’s going to be the best big brother ever. He’s just so gentle and loving to them, and he’s so pumped up about his sweet baby brother.

Corey is adorable. He lays in bed with me and rubs my belly gently. He’s nervous. He’s nervous because Caleb was so easy, it really didn’t prepare us for a not easy (read as normal) baby. But his excitement and love for this baby is clear. And the name. Oh my goodness. Naming boys is a HARD task. If this baby had been a girl, her name would have been Cora Copetta. It was a very easy decision for us. This baby though… we still don’t have a middle name chosen, but the first name is Jace. I had a list of six names I really loved, but I didn’t think Corey would. I didn’t even mention them to him, because we’d already talked about dozens of names and I didn’t want these names I loved so dearly to be shot down. However, he told me one night that a friend of his was joking with him and said this baby would grow up to be a Magic the Gathering prodigy. Corey is very into Magic, it’s his biggest hobby, and the one big thing outside of his family that brings him joy. As a joke, I googled baby names inspired by the game… and there it was. Jace. It was on my short list of names, so I goofily sent it to Corey… and low and behold, he fell in love. Asked Caleb what he thought of it, and he loved it too. It took me a little while to “LOVE” it, but once I started calling baby, Baby Jace, instead of just baby, it totally stuck.

And me… oh my goodness. It’s been an up and down thing for me. I LOVE this baby. I am so happy for our growing family. But oh gosh there was a mourning period. I went from pure bliss, to feeling so incredibly sad. I was holding Caleb on my lap one day and suddenly my heart broke. I wouldn’t have this one on one time with this perfect child I’ve gotten to know, and it terrified and devastated me. I felt awful, but thankfully have incredible friends of multiples that told me just how normal it all was to feel that way. Once I accepted it, I put my time into figuring out how it would work. Finding ways to envision life with this baby on top of my already amazing child, and it helped an incredible amount. I feel ready now, and I can’t wait for his birth so that he can finally join our little family. One of the things that helped most was a friend of mine sending me a moby baby wrap… and then I saw a woman in church wrap her baby in one. I went home that night and wrapped my belly and something clicked in me. I couldn’t wait to snuggle this little love of mine, and now I’m in full nesting mode. I’m so dang happy.


Now the pregnancy itself… I’m so excited to share how amazing it truly has been. This photo is only from a week ago. I feel amazing. With Caleb, I was either deadly ill or in extreme pain. I was swollen from early on and carrying around FIFTY POUNDS of fluid. It was horrible. This pregnancy… my goodness. I threw up twice. Once out of no where before I knew I was pregnant. I was in a car and just thought to myself, “Um, I think I’m going to throw up.” The second was because first trimester and hot coffee were not friends with one another. The rest of this pregnancy I’ve felt great. I had some round ligament pain, but 60 squats every day took care of that. My blood pressure has been perfect, literally NO swelling at all, and I’m only gaining one pound every 2-3 weeks. My doctor (best doctor ever, I fired the rest who treated me like being fat meant I would automatically not be healthy) is super impressed and only makes me come in every three weeks now that I’m at the end, and only once every month and a half before that. I’ve only even had one ultrasound! I have energy, I’ve been able to not only keep up with my three year old but I’ve been able to MOVE into a new home and getting rid of 9/10 of all the items we owned in our old place. It’s been amazing. *knock on wood* Less than a month left (lost my mucous plus, baby is way head down) and can feel that wonderful pelvic pain of the body getting ready for labor. I’d love to think this last month will be as wonderful as the rest of my pregnancy, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


And a quick little bonus before I signed off… here are the goodies and the cake from our gender reveal party! It was a blast, lots of games were played, and I did a really good job pretending I wasn’t utterly shocked we weren’t having a girl. I was so sure. Because of how different the pregnancy was from Caleb’s, but also because my cravings had been the same as my mom’s with me. Peanut Butter and red meat.

Thank you all for reading about our family growing, and remember…



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