Who is Mommi Sami?: My Why


When I found out I was pregnant, Corey (together since 7-3-09) and I were living in Virginia. Even though we were ecstatic to be having our first child, when the doctor told me we were expecting I burst out in tears. Not because I was sad but because as I whined at the time, “I want my mommy!”
We decided then that we would move back to Maine as soon as possible. My mom, who is biologically my aunt but that doesn’t matter at all, was driving down to Florida and on her way back picked us up and took us home.
She had an eye doctor appointment and I tagged along. The wife of the owner decided, after finding out my age (8-13-94) that it was her place to let me know that I was ruining my life and my child’s life. Well that didn’t go over well with me at all. Yes, I was pregnant at 18. That was a choice I made. We knew what we were getting into, we knew that we wanted to be young parents, and we were ready to start this crazy journey.
This whole ordeal got me thinking about the stereotypes that follow young parents around. That they aren’t prepared, won’t be good parents, don’t care about their kids, that they are uneducated, that it was all a mistake… None of this was true about me and I knew for a fact how ridiculous that all was. Age doesn’t determine the kind of parent you are going to be. I have seen plenty of forty year old parents who I’d like to see forced into parenting classes.
I decided then and there though that I would start this blog. I strongly believe that you can be the parent you want to be, the best possible, if that’s your intention and if you can put pride to the side. Searching for all the information that is out there, accepting your first thought isn’t always the best, and learning to put your child above all else is the way to become the best parent possible. I hope that this blog will help other mothers find information and see that we’re all on this crazy journey together.
You’re not a bad mom for doing the wrong thing. Know better, do better.

Caleb Gardner Phillips:
Born October 9th, 2013, 10lbs 1 ounce and 21″ tall… this little bundle of love has lit up my entire life. He made me a mom and I couldn’t be happier.

Baby Caleb Phillipssm



6 thoughts on “Who is Mommi Sami?: My Why

  1. Good luck with the sign language I would love to do a sign language course. Oh my you’re nine months younger than me and a mummy – that’s a big responsibility I can only just about remember to feed myself lol! Only joking,
    with my best wishes

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