Dress Up? Say yes? Ah ha!

Last night we had a good laugh. I had taken off my shirts (tank and see through one) and tossed them across the room. My sweet little man ran over and grabbed them and started wrapping them around him. Eventually he even got the tank top on him. He ran around talking and “modeling” it for us.
Lately he has been very interested in taking his clothes on and off, picking out clothes, etc etc… This is a whole new thing for me. I’m a first time mom, I’ve never been there to see a child start getting dressed by themselves. It’s awesome! I absolutely love watching him learn and grow like this. Now though, I totally want to run out and get him a dozen costumes! We have a penguin and Tigger costume already. Of course I need to get him a Mickey Mouse costume.
Again, I plan to indulge his new interest. We don’t have the money to go get him a bunch of costumes, but we have clothes. This afternoon, after nap time, I’m taking a big pile of clothes out and letting him free in it. He could totally ignore it, or we could play dress up. Either way, I’m giving him the chance. Sure it will make a little mess. Is that any reason not to give him this chance? Of course not!
That leads me to another thought. Last Sunday we were at the Chuck E. Cheese. We had a blast, Caleb could actually play some of the games (his favorite being a frog version of whack a mole), and he ate a ton of pizza. Towards the end I was letting him run free and he wanted to take a cup with him. I almost said no as a knee jerk reaction. Then I realized, there wasn’t a single reason to say no. He wasn’t hurting anything, the cup couldn’t spill, losing it wouldn’t be the end of the world… So I let him get the cup and he was happy as can be. I try really hard to let him do what he wants when he wants it as long as it won’t hurt him or cause some kind of problem. I let him color with markers and he will draw on himself. So what? I can give him a bath. I let him walk outside even though it doubles the amount of time it takes to get somewhere, oh well though. I plan to leave twice as early! It works for us.
We rarely have tantrums (and even if one starts it ends within a matter of moments) and life is pretty relaxing. Why start a fight for no reason? Is there something wrong with children getting to do what they’d like?