Alrighty, Back Carry It Is!

I so wish I had a picture for you all, because it was truly adorable. Very soon I’ll have a phone again, and pictures will be attached to all of my posts. For now I hope I can paint the picture for you instead.

I live in Maine, and as I’m sure all of my state side readers know, Maine is cold. VERY cold. The big problem for me is that I don’t drive… Currently we walk or bus everywhere we need to go. That means that I have to walk Caleb to his preschool each day before going to mine. Trying to push a stroller through snow is a very illogical thing to do. Yesterday, I did it anyway. It took me an extra fifteen minutes to get him to school.

Sadly the time part isn’t the worst part. Caleb will not wear gloves or mittens. He’ll either rip them off, or sob and scream till they are removed. It’s way too cold to be out without gloves, but there really was no other choice. It’s too cold in general really. We’d get to his school, or home, and his hands would be pink. We always offer gloves, and on especially cold days I’d fold down his sleeves and put gloves over them so he couldn’t get them off. It broke my heart to hear him scream, but I couldn’t figure out what else I could do.

Today, I decided enough was enough. I’ve been avoiding using our Ergo because I usually have a lot of things to bring with us. We both have full school bags, and it’s much easier to just toss them under the stroller. Since I didn’t have class today, I just tutor on Fridays, I decided to try the Ergo. I woke him up, got him dressed, and tossed him up in the carrier.

Right away there was a big smile across his face. He loved being so close and snugly when he first woke up. The best part for him was that he was warm! His hands were tucked inside of my jacket, which was wrapped around us both, and his hood was much easier to keep on with him face to face with me rather than in the stroller. It wonderfully also saved us a ton of time. I was able to walk at a normal pace, and the snow was no problem for us.

The only problem was the pain. Last year I really hurt my back. It felt like I’d crushed it. I went to the chiropractor a few months ago, and I’ve been feeling better, but not my best. This morning, carrying my just about thirty pound child on my front, all of that pain came back temporarily. I was dying to get him off of me, and dreading the walk home. It’s not long, just a fifteen minute walk, but I was really worried that the pain would last.

After tutoring I picked him up and decided to try my second ever back carry. The last time I tried it, nearly a year ago, I spent the whole time panicking that he’d fall out. This time, I had his teacher look us over once I’d gotten him all snuggled in, and it felt a whole lot better. We started our walk home, and I couldn’t believe how comfortable it really was. No pain, barely any pressure, just a snugly baby on my back.

Within minutes, he was passed out for a wonderful nap. Usually if he falls asleep in the stroller, when we get home and I try to move him he will wake up and be miserable all night. With the carrier I just sat on the couch, unlatched it, and gently laid him down. Such a simple transfer, and he got a great nap in! I really love this boy. I’m so thankful for our Ergo. It was an incredible investment.


Daddy’s First Night Nappy

Daddy's First Night Time Change

Woohoo! This was just last night and it’s going to be a short post but this is a monumental moment right here.

Corey, finally, willingly put Caleb in his “night nappy” without even being asked. Until now he has thrown a bit of a tantrum every time I even hinted at him putting it on. He would put on a pocket diaper without much of a problem but a cover and prefolds? Not so much. So, yay everyone. Last night he properly, without being asked, got Caleb ready for bed and I’m so incredibly pleased.

The cover pictured, as well as the prefolds, are from Sweet Pea Diapers.

Fluffy Bum Doesn’t Fit? Custom it Is!


I never imagined I’d ever order my child custom clothes. I’m the kind of person who thrifts for everything from clothes to furniture and in a way even food. What I learned very quickly though about cloth diapering is that pants no longer fit the way they used to. It’s getting warmer so it’s not a huge issue since a cloth bum and tee shirt is alright to wear anywhere and since body suits can be bough a size bigger and be fine as well. We live in Maine though so we still have our days that are just too chilly. Yeah baby leggings work great too, but we only have one pair and they don’t go with everything. So… Maxaloones.

Maxaloones are these awesome pants that grow with your kiddo and they have a stretchy fabric circle over the bum so that cloth diapers can fit better without being squished (which can cause leaking). What makes them extra great is at the waist and feet there is breathable, stretchy fabric that can be rolled up or down to change the size. This one pair will last him at least another year.

I ended up commissioning Morgan, from Crabby Pants (they have custom diapers!), to make us a Mickey Mouse pair of Maxaloones and ended up splurging for the matching hooded tee shirt. We, all three of us, absolutely love this outfit!! It’s so comfy, just warm enough, and fits like a glove. Plus, I mean, it’s Mickey Mouse. Caleb’s favorite thing in the world is Mickey Mouse. Which leads me to the next thing I wanted to tell you, he is constantly asking to wear it and actually helps put it on which is very different from how he normally acts when it comes to clothing.

Yesterday we went to Papa’s, a local sub shop, and I took off the tee shirt part to avoid it getting stained and he instantly started whining to get it back. Never before have I seen my child want to wear clothing. Corey and I got a good chuckle out of that.

Things are just going so well. Caleb eats like a champ even though he’s still nursing. He sleeps through the night right by my side. Thanks to Brittney, my friend, we are now the proud owner of an Ergo and Caleb adores being carried in it. Being a crunchy and attached mother just makes my life so much easier and happier.