Easy Hot Glued Felt Book

This was a whole lot of fun! Caleb has been really into matching dice with numbers, spelling his name, and working on letters. The one problem is how much paper we were going through on activities like the ones below, so I wanted to create something more permanent that could be done over and over with him instead.

I had seen felt books many times, but here’s a little secret… I can NOT sew. At all. I have tried, but it’s just not one of my skills. Give me a hot glue gun though, and I’ll do my best! So I ordered a pack of small felt squares off of amazon (it was something like 40 squares for $10, but I would buy two packs in the future because I ran though most of it entirely too fast, especially big colors like red and yellow), bought some velcro and hot glue from my local hardware store, and went at it. 1

I really liked the idea of him starting at the beginning of the book by spelling his name and dressing himself up. I used a cookie cutter to get the pieces of the body and clothing. A little velcro on each piece, a sharpie face, and he was good to go.2

This was Caleb’s favorite page! He loved counting the dots to match with the numbers. Caleb is currently (haha, yeah it’s been at least a year) obsessed with dice, so this one was a big win. 3

Puzzles! Caleb’s been super into puzzles, and he loves trains, so I figured this would be a great activity for him. It’s also interesting with the circles to help him with spatial reasoning. Learning the difference between big, medium, and small works really well with shapes that are the same. 4

And finally, the alphabet. Caleb loves letters. He really wants to read, and he knows all of his letters, and we’re working on letter sounds. But, for some reason, he just has a real love for the individual letters. So I made him a matching game so he could match lower case to upper case letters. He loves it, and we can play with it by taking turns as well.


I hope you guys get ideas from this, and if you make anything like this or have ideas that I could make for Caleb (or Baby Jace!) please send them my way!

Thank you for reading… YOU ARE LOVED!

Easy Sharpie Crafts for Parents and Kids Too!

Well on this dreary, rainy, stay home day, Caleb and I have really made the best of it! Tons of cuddles, bible stories and songs, and games being played here. While he napped though, I had some fun of my own with these awesome Sharpie crafts!

Tie Dyed Onsie

Sharpie Tie Dye


This is a GREAT way to Tie Dye because not only is it cheap and done with something most people already own, but it’s also mess free and relies on your own decision of design and color. All you need for this is a couple of Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol. To make circles like the onsie kind of had you will also need a cup and rubber band.

If you go with the circle design, place the shirt over the cup and wrap a rubber band around it to stay in place. Next just draw your pattern. Try to avoid complimentary colors next to one another because when they blend it will turn an icky shade of brown. Once you finish drawing, dribble the rubbing alcohol over it and watch the magic happen. You can do this until the whole thing is covered or just a little are. I saw someone who made “firework” shirts for her dance students who were dancing to Firework from Katy Perry and she had three circles on each. Once these are air dried, I recommend throwing them in the dryer for a little while, then hand washing them to get the alcohol out, then drying them again.


Custom Coffee Cup


I’m wrapped around my little man’s finger so of course I had to include him in these. I love how simple it is though. Next time I do it, I’m using white cups and I’ll be putting some more effort into the design, but for a test this worked out fairly well and it’s a cute little keep sake. This also makes an amazing gift for things such as Birthdays and Mother’s Day. All you need is an oven, coffee cup, and Sharpies.

It’s really this easy. There is no real trick. Draw on the cup, try to avoid the top or just draw on the opposite side you are sipping JUST IN CASE IT RUNS, then pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the cups in for about half an hour more so they cool with the oven. Then take them out and let them cool completely. You now have a permanently personalized cup.

These are both wonderful activities for toddlers. What mom wouldn’t want a personalized cup from her two year old? Play around with it. Use it to teach shapes and colors. There are so many uses and it’s so easy that much planning isn’t needed. Good luck, have fun, and thanks for reading!

Easy First Foods – Recipes to Start



     When starting solids, please always start one at a time. Wait at least four days and search for rashes and watch for upset tummies. Safety first when it comes to the little ones. 

     Alrighty my solid starters. Here are four super baby foods that are great to start with and easy to make for them. Carrots are full of Vitamin A, are a great source of fiber, are sweet and desirable, and are a full serving of vegetables by themselves. Avocados are full of calcium, potassium (more than a banana), and protein and they are also very easy to digest for babies. Blueberries help keep your urinary tract clean and are packed full of healthy brain and heart helping antioxidants. Spinach is also full of antioxidants and other vitamins, helps with digestion, and is a great fiber. 

     When we started we went right with carrots because they were a favorable taste and color that I thought, and was right, would keep my little man entertained. I cut the carrots into about one inch pieces, put them in a bowl with enough water to cover them, and I put it in the microwave for two minutes. Then I dumped half the water out. Next I put the remaining water and carrots into our ninja blender, which my wonderful fiance got me for Christmas, and let it turn into a consistent puree. After letting it cool for a while, we tried it on our son and he loved it. Not as much as he loves sweet potatoes now but…

     Then we worked with avocados. This is one food that is crazy easy because if you are out and about and don’t have the time to really prepare a food, then this is the food for you. Just slice it open and you can scoop the fruit right out and feed it just like that. If you have more time though, this is a great food to introduce different spices into. I like to mix in things like lemon zest, vanilla, or even more savory spices like rosemary. I originally used garlic but my son absolutely hated that. They recommend starting seasonings at eight months but as long as you use the four day rule, go for it.

     Blueberries is something you really do need to watch for allergic reactions. They are rare but serious. Blueberries though are an absolute super food and a great first for babies. They taste delicious and have all the nutrients any parent would wish for their child. Due to the juicy aspect some parents use baby rice cereal in it as well but I have a strong distaste and trust to the cereal so I didn’t. These you do NOT want to cook. Just much them up really well, making sure the skin is nearly invisible, and you can serve it just like that. 

     Spinach is another thing that you don’t need to cook but you can if that makes it easier for you. One thing is to always look for the smaller leaves as they have more nutrients and are less stringy and tough. With spinach once you test it for the four day allergy test, this is a great ingredient to mix with other foods to help with digestion.

     Once each of these foods are tried on their own, you can mix them! Carrots and Avocado are a beautiful combination, with a great consistency, and full of nutrients. Then blueberries and spinach are a great mix because they make it a little more solid and full of antioxidants and fiber. These are just the combinations we have done. There are so many foods out there. Play around and find what your little one is going to like.

     If you have a recipe, please share it below. I’d love to try something new for my little man too. Thanks for reading!