Caleb’s Imagination

Caleb Paw Patrol Name

^^^ Graphic I Made for Caleb to Print and Pin to His Bedroom Door^^^

Imagination is an incredible thing. One of my greatest joys is watching Caleb play pretend. Our living room is over run by a play house, tool bench, and wonderful wooden kitchen. I wanted to be sure that he could explore those interests in full. He’ll make us lots of play food, build things on his fancy tool bench, and he “goes home” to his play house many times a day. I adore watching this, and playing along when he wants me to.

Another area of pretend play that he’s been working on lately involves his toys. It all started with Po the Polar Bear. He received him as a gift around Thanksgiving from a kind man that lives near his preschool. That bear is his best friend, and they have the most intricate conversations. Occasionally they will be in a  “fight” and Caleb won’t want to talk to or be around him. Then we have to mediate their fight. We’ll tell Po to apologize, and tell Caleb that Po still loves him, and then Caleb apologizes and they are back to being friends again.

Of course though, with his new obsession with Paw Patrol, he’s begun putting his Paw Patrol toys into situations, and it’s just too dang adorable. I wanted to share one exchange from him that had me totally in stitches last night.

Caleb had Marshall stuck inside of his boot calling for help, and his plush Chase was heading off to rescue him. Chase said, “Ryder need us!” He was loud, enthusiastic, and oh so cute. Chase finished saving him and he yelled, “We did it! Yay!!!” Then he walked off with them for another “rescue.” I love this child so dang much. His innocence is beautiful, and fills me with joy.



Outside the Box


Kids are awesome. Dani is my niece that I put on the bus half the time. Usually Caleb is still sleeping by then (and Corey is sleeping right next to him) so he gets to stay home. Today though he got up with me at 6:30 so I decided to get him dressed and have him come with me. Goodness I’m so glad I did.

Dani and I always stand in front of these stairs/this ramp while we wait for the bus. While their was snow I’d throw her on top of the snow and chase her around a little but mostly it was just cold and we would just stand there and shiver. This morning though, these kids had an absolute blast. They were playing “tag” and the side walk was safe. They had to keep running up the ramp though and the stairs were off limits because they were too dangerous to run on.

The kids set all the rules, Caleb didn’t even try to run into the street, and for the whole ten minutes we were out there neither got bored. It was their imagination that fueled the fun. I could have said, “No, no, kids. That’s not our stairs. Stay down.” I could have said, “I don’t think so Caleb, those stairs are too dangerous for you.” I could have said, “It’s too dangerous being near the road, come stand with me.” I mean, Caleb’s only one. Trusting him to run around near a road makes me incredibly nervous.

I trust them though. I trust them to make good choices. I trust that Dani wont let Caleb get hurt. I trust that they wont be too loud in front of someone’s house. I trust that they are capable little people who aren’t going to get hurt from running around on a few stairs and a ramp. That trust allows their creativity to shine, for them to learn important things such as boundaries, and to grow as people in general.

I just wanted to share this happy little moment in my day. These kiddos make me so happy and proud to be a part of their lives.

Caleb Outside

The Beauty of a Child’s Imagination


^^ The Photo is a Screen-Cap, Please Excuse the Poor Quality ^^

My son has always had a strong connection with his stuffed animals.

The first one was his puppy. Just a simple little wrist rattle of the laugh and learn puppy. He would chew on the ear and always wanted it with him. It was his first friend that wasn’t family I think. He’ look at Puppy and just seem so joyful. That’s one of the first moments that his personality and imagination became relevant to me. I could see that he’d made the decision that this toy was something special to him.

Then the Mimi got him… Moomoo! We swear that will be his first word. The second she handed it to him a bond was made. He would have his Moomoo with him constantly. He also wouldn’t sleep without it. It got to the point that it was so dirty we had to wash it. One day while he napped his daddy decided to take it from him to wash. About ten minutes later Caleb woke up and started screaming. You all know by now, my child rarely ever cries. Corey had to take the Moomoo from the washing machine and show Caleb that she was okay before he would calm down. I feel like sometimes we don’t give babies enough credit. We don’t realize how much they really do think and know and how good their memory can be. My son at three months was concerned for the well being of a toy. How adorable is that?

Now… it’s Mickey Mouse! Even better, it’s daddy Mickey and baby Mickey. First of all, Caleb got to choose this interest 100% on his own. We were walking through Walgreens after getting our income taxes (the beauty of having a few extra dollars) and Caleb grabbed this little Mickey Mouse off of the shelf. He started kissing and hugging it so we decided that since he seemed to like it so much we would get it for him. Since then he’s been all about Mickey. He plays with him like he’s a friend and takes care of him between kisses, sleeping, eating… It’s funny to watch my eight month old turn Mickey into his baby doll. I don’t think I even realized that he’d have the thought process to do that. Well, a few days ago his daddy was walking by a yardsale and found a big Mickey! When he brought this home Caleb was thrilled. The best part? He realized immediately that it could be a daddy Mickey. He handed it to his dad, grabbed his Mickey and tried to play doll with Corey! I was looking at him like… How do you even put two and two together? You’re eight months old, you don’t walk, you don’t talk, but you can understand a connection like that? I’m just amazed and thrilled by this. Last night was the icing on the cake though. He had put the big Mickey into his jumper and helped it jump! That’s where the picture comes from. He was so thrilled that he was helping his Mickey jump.

Children are amazing. They have their own feelings, thoughts, and a strong imagination. Allowing them to make decisions and blossom is wonderful. Giving them the chance to figure out what they like will do nothing less than help them really grow.

Thank you for reading!