Finger Paints and Stamping Fun!

I LOVE painting, and Caleb has been talking about painting a lot the last few days. First thing this morning I made a batch of my edible finger paint, and when my sweet boy woke up I surprised him with this painting station.

I really wanted to do more than just finger painting, so I grabbed straws and toilet paper rolls (two things I obsessively collect which drives Corey crazy) and stuck one of each into each of the six colors I made. I got Caleb naked, and gave him some paper. Then (last picture) I created examples to show him how the stamps work, and also to show him with the straw you can blow the paint around. He LOVED blowing the paint.

He really focused on the color red today. I was surprised. I made two purples and pink for him because he’s been so into them, but red was the cool color today.

After three of the toilet paper roll stamp paintings and one of the straw paintings I gave him a paintbrush. That’s what led to the second picture, and I loved watching him paint lines and then smack the brush against it like a stamp. It was cool to see that the concept we were working on really stuck with him. Lastly I took a straw and drew his name into his painting! I think once it’s dry we’ll put it on his bedroom door.

Originally I planned to do more. I was going to “stamp” his hand to make some Valentines Day cards, animal prints, etc… but he wasn’t having it. My normally messy loving boy really didn’t want to get his hands dirty today, so I didn’t force it. The paint only takes a minute to create anyway, so if he seems more willing later on, we’ll just do it then. I want to get some actual stamp pads and stamps. I think he’d love that, and he liked stamping his hand last Friday.

Two Quick and Easy Fall Crafts

WIN_20151016_203837 (2)

Every other Friday Corey and I go to a parenting/parents financial/life skills class, and afterwards Caleb joins us for a play group. Today we read Brown Bear as a group, and then did a few activities the instructor had set out for us. My favorite, and one that Corey and Caleb spent a lot of time on, was painting with cinnamon! It was just a little water mixed with cinnamon. It looked really cool. The water turned the paper a light brown, and the cinnamon gave the bear’s fur some really great texture. The best part was how great it smelt. I have a ton of pumpkin spice in my pantry that I’ll be doing this with on a fairly regular bases.

The other activity only took a few minutes, but made Caleb very happy. I was working on his curriculum tonight, and that involved a ton of cutting and gluing. While I was working, he asked to help, but I had to say no. As soon as I was finished, however, I threw this second craft together. I ripped a piece of purple paper in half, cut out two pumpkins, two stems, then let Caleb make a few cute in the orange paper left over. While he was cutting, I glued my pumpkin down (the one on the left), and then asked him to do the same. He put glue onto the pumpkin and laid it in the corner. I smoothed it out, and then he glued down the stem. I grabbed us a couple of green markers, and he drew some scribble “vines” on his while I worked on my pumpkin’s vines.

Using a paint brush, gluing things down, placing the stem… these are all great motor skill practice. The more things you do, especially with little pieces, the better your kiddo will get at it all. I wouldn’t have thought to let him cut something a few months ago. Now, after watching how careful he is with everything else, I can totally trust him to be capable. I love watching this little man growing before my eyes.

Color my Life


I’ve always been a very critical person when it came to myself. I like to call myself artistic. I play piano and guitar, paint, draw, crochet, make jewelery and bows… I’m certainly not a master in any of it. Knowing that whatever I was making or playing wasn’t perfect would always make me feel low. Eventually I’d stop doing whatever it was other than at home by myself or with Caleb.

Now, that’s the thing. Caleb doesn’t know that his artwork wouldn’t be considered perfect. He doesn’t know that his finger paintings would be considered anything more than some splashes of colors. He is proud. He has fun making things. He takes pride in presenting his colorful art work and you know what? That makes it the absolutely most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He makes art, or strums his guitar, because it makes him happy. You should see him go at it screaming a little song and strumming his guitar for us. It’s just the sweetest thing to watch.

We can all take a lesson from Caleb. Don’t take life so seriously. Don’t do things you enjoy for other. Do it for you. If you like to draw, do it. You don’t have to make a masterpiece as long as you have fun along the way. Kids are so smart. Let’s let them color our lives.

Mixing Colors!

end of mixing colors

When Caleb was 6 months I first posted about this edible finger paint I like to make for him. The other day we were feeling a bit creative (aka Caleb was trying to draw on everything in site) so I pulled out the paint, stripped him down (well, I threw this pair of boxers my nana gave him over his diaper so it wouldn’t get dirty), and plopped him into the high chair. I had some paperwork to fill out so while he was painting, I let him have at it so I could get my work done. He started out like any other day, pushing the paint around with his fingers and spoon. Then my curious little boy decided it would be so much more fun to toss the paper away and dump the paint right onto the tray to play in. This, was the first step to a great educational activity.

Mixing Colors

He started to mix the colors together so I put the paperwork aside and we talked. First we named the three main colors. Red, Blue, and Yellow. I asked him to mix together the blue and yellow. Once he saw the green, he shocked me by pointing out the fact that it was, indeed, green. He wouldn’t say the other colors but he would point to the correct one when asked. We mixed up orange and purple as well.

This simple activity, that didn’t take more than a few moments to transition into, was so much fun for the both of us. I could have just pointed to colors in a book or shown him a video. Instead though, he was able to see in front of his own eyes, using his own hands, how mixing two colors would create something completely new. I asked him today, totally to show off, not going to lie, what blue and yellow make. He said green. That’s so awesome to me.


We made a little keepsake for this cool activity.

So now just because I can’t resist, here’s some of the paintings he ended up making after our little color mixing lesson. They were all created by him smacking (booming) the paint and then smacking the paper.

11390034_895449070517400_5243990380847345827_n 11392986_895449020517405_5305995510238477510_n 11393045_895449053850735_2663143116221931856_n 11412401_895449090517398_2040997416012180984_n 11427216_895449040517403_4942252702332934945_n

Baby Safe, Edible Finger Painting!

Caleb Painting

Oh my goodness, this is the best thing I’ve made since I made, you know, my son! We had given our little man a pile of potatoes, a food he loves with all of this heart, the night before his six month half birthday. Yes, I cry just thinking about this fact. No, I’m not going to go on and on about it. I’m not a fan of crying! Anywho, Mr. Caleb just LOVED playing with the potatoes and smooshing them all around on his high chair. A nice shower was totally needed after wards but it made me think… Time for finger painting!

As all babies like to taste anything and everything they can get their hands on, I set out on a mission to make an edible but still usable paint. I went straight to Pinterest. Honestly, I was disappointed with most of what I saw. None of the things people were making had the same consistency as regular finger or tempura paint. If I was going to do this, I wanted to do it right. Finally I came to a recipe that seemed simple enough and the results looked like real paint. Not that the food coloring in potato idea was bad, Caleb would love it I’m sure, but I really wanted to have something that would last and not just chip away but wouldn’t dye him too badly either.

At last, here is the super simple recipe that we used. It was a total blast and I hope you have fun with it as well!


1/3 Cups of Flour

2 TBSP of Sugar

1 Tsp. of Salt

2 Cups of Water

Food Coloring of Your Choice*

*You can use natural alternatives such as powdered juice, tea, or anything else you can think of. That way people with food dye allergies or sensitive skin can use it too.


Add all of the ingredients, besides the dye, together in a pot. Constantly whisk and let boil until the right consistency, something close to tempura paint. Afterwards, add the dye to the mixture. There is enough for six colors easily from this recipe. I ended up putting it in the freezer afterwards so I could use it right away. I recommend letting it cool by itself instead as it thickened quite a bit when I cooled it in the freezer.

Simple as that though. It doesn’t stain little one, it’s totally fine for them to eat, and it cleans up super easily. Never spend money on finger paint again!


Tell me how it went, share pictures of your little ones and their masterpieces. Thanks for reading! To reply privately, email me at