Whobo? Mombo! Review for ALL Moms!


A while ago, I reviewed the Breast Friend. Let me make this clear, I still love that nursing pillow for certain times, such as when I’m on the floor and need some back support. Now I introduce you to the real BEST nursing pillow… The Mombo! Comfort & Harmony, a company of Kidsii, gave me the chance to test the pillow, mint cover, and toy bar for totally free. All of these opinions are my own and true though. It really is just THAT awesome.

For months now I’ve wanted to try this out for the toy bar. Caleb has always loved sitting in his Boppy but he gets really bored not having toys stay in front of him. All the ones we would hand him would roll away or go missing from his sight and we’d have him fussing till we passed him another one. The Mombo has found the solution. The Toy Bar, which is so simple to add onto the pillow, gives him something fun and safe to hang out in and allows me the time to do things like clean or blog without running back every few minutes to hand him another toy. A super bonus is the the bar has extra loops to add toys onto. That way, the favorite like Lamaze’s firefly, can be added on. This really puts the Mombo at the top of all Nursing Pillows.

Another insane plus for all ages is the vibrating disk that you can insert into the pillow. My little man loves sleeping with his Mombo and the vibrations make it a very dreamy and happy sleep for him that has him waking up with a big happy smile and ready to play. My only regret is not getting one sooner. When he was a few month younger this vibration would have been such a help to us. That way we wouldn’t have had to put him in another room in his swing just to go to sleep. I recommend this item to all moms. Whether you are nursing or not, it really is a must have.

Now, to the pillow itself I say… where have you been all my life!? One side is firm. Those of my fellow breastfeeding mamas know that soft is great for sleep but if baby’s head sinks into the pillow, the alignment changes, the latch is affected, and that pillow becomes useless. Then, oh my goodness how is it possible it’s this amazing, you flip it over and it’s a soft bed for baby! This is one of those, bring with you everywhere, kind of items. Baby can go from play time, to sleep time, to nursing within a moment of change.

I really have no complaints. The toys are adorable, the colors are easy to match with any theme and there are so many covers that you won’t struggle to find the perfect one for you and your little. Again, this is a must. If you know someone with a little one, this is the perfect gift. Head over to Comfort & Harmony’s facebook page and give them a like. It’s worth it.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about the Mombo!