The Dirty Truth About Menstruation after Childbirth

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EDIT: This is just one case. No, not everyone has a period like this once they give birth. This was written because many women have this experience and it can be scary. Everyone is different. Do not take this as, YOU WILL HAVE THIS.

Oh my goodness. They don’t warn you about this. No one talks about it. No one wants to talk about it but gosh do I wish I had known what would or even could happen once I finally got my period back. Let me just tell you, this is not the kind of post you want to read if you have a sensitive stomach or you are squeamish but it is something you should read if you are or soon will be pregnant.

Thanks to breastfeeding I got a wonderful extra seven months of no period. It was wonderful. When I finally did get it though I had no idea what was going on and found myself in the ER. I was convinced I had internal bleeding or even that I had been pregnant some how and was miscarrying. Thankfully neither were true, which we found out after four hours, and it was just a period.

Here’s what you can expect:

-VERY heavy bleeding; don’t be surprised if you soak a pad within two hours

-An insane amount of clotting; it’s like you’ve just given birth and the clots are still coming out

-Watery gushes of blood

-Extreme cramping

It might be scary, and I can guarantee it will be gross and a pain in the neck, but it’s normal and will eventually get better. Sadly tampons tend not to work anymore (they either soak too fast or they fall out) and pads have to be the super kind. The worst thing for me is sleep. I have to get up every few hours just to go to the bathroom, gush blood into the toilet because my body doesn’t let it all out while I sleep, and change my pad.

Some things I’ve found that helps:

-Take Ibuprofen every few hours to slow down the bleeding and help cramps

-Take a short walk

-Relax; take a nap when your little one naps

-Eat foods that are less gassy; avoid dairy and some vegetables

If anything seems off to you, don’t be afraid to go into the doctors though. Just know that it is NORMAL to bleed so much and to pass so many clots. Also, it can last MUCH longer. My second period lasted almost three weeks and was terrible. My first only lasted two weeks and this third one I’m hoping for a much shorter time till the bleeding stops but thankfully Ibuprofen makes it much more bearable.

Thanks For Reading Everyone! Hope This Helps!


How to Not Raise a Princess (or in my case, Prince)


^^ My Friend’s ADORABLE 13 month Princess ^^

Children do not spoil, food does. That doesn’t mean you can’t accidentally entitle children causing them to believe the world revolves around them and that they will always get exactly what they want. Here are three easy steps to avoiding this.

1) Don’t make your child share and don’t let them expect other children to share with them. I went on a play date recently and Caleb’s friend, who is two and a half, was playing with a doll. Caleb wanted it and went to grab it from her. Her mother jumped to tell her to share and I said no. Don’t worry about it. It’s her’s. I don’t want Caleb to think that just because he wants something, he will get it. That isn’t how life works. You don’t get a car that belongs to someone else just because you want it. There were plenty of other toys so I just redirected him and he was fine. She was a happy little girl because her toy, that belongs to her, wasn’t taken away from her. She was already sharing all of her other toys and that is going above and beyond to be gracious in my mind. I wouldn’t want my one special thing taken away either.

2) Don’t be afraid to say no. I know, shocking after my introducing the idea of no post. It’s true though. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Times for that are like when you’re in a store. If your child is screaming for a cookie, and they’ve already had enough sugar, tell them no. Don’t reward screaming and disrespect. Instead, because we all know that the screaming doesn’t stop just because you say no, redirect. I talk about it again and again. Offer something healthy if you can afford it. Oh look at this super awesome apple. Honey you can pick out something yourself if you want but it can’t be a cookie and you can’t eat it right now. This way, their want is understood but you are leading to a better decision.

3) Money is not the only thing that makes a child happy and more over it shouldn’t be the main source of their happiness. Sadly, so many parents use money to stop crying and to make up for lost time. That’s the best way to make a child spoiled because they will forever need more to fill a much more important spot in their life. Kids don’t naturally want stuff. They just want you! The more QUALITY you time they have the less material items will mean. This means that even if you work, the time you have with them matters. Cuddling, talking, asking questions, can make your child feel loved and wanted and that need for things doesn’t even come up.

 Thank You for Reading and Good Luck My Lovely Readers

Mommi’s TV Indulgence

Two days ago I wrote about shows that are great for children. It got me thinking about the tv that I watch and I know there are going to be some people out there asking, when do you have time for this now that you are a mom, but I make time. It’s nice to relax, do nothing, and watch someone else live. So, here are my three favorite tv shows and why.


Now I know I’m not alone. I laugh hysterically on mommy facebook groups when the question of tv comes up. At least 90% of people will agree¬† that Law & Order SVU is the best show out there. People like to get angry. It’s just human nature. For a mother, even just a woman, watching this show makes them feel all the feels. I have watched every single episode of this show. It’s one of those things where you hate watching it because it’s so depressing and infuriating but the characters are remarkable and well developed. Plus, for the most part, each episode does have a happy moment or two that makes if feel like they are winning despite it all.


Now for the old lady in me! I swear that despite I have nothing in common with these ladies, I watch and feel like I can completely relate. It’s great though. They are successful women who have a hard time with love and other harder parts of life. It’s nice to see someone that age, the age I often feel, not have it all together. Over all it’s got a great message on friendship and working hard to be happy but also that living simply is okay.


And for the teenager in me. I have been watching this show for at least six years now. It keeps me feeling young but also shows me how happy, normal, and mature my life has become. It’s one of those things where the show is so ridiculous and crazy that it makes you feel better about your not so ridiculous and crazy life. I’ve seen all but the last two seasons of the ORIGINAL Degrassi High. Either way, I totally recommend. The first four or five seasons was the best. Degrassi Goes Hollywood was amazing. It’s all in good fun though.

Thanks for Reading!

Great Television Shows for Babies, Children, and You!

I’ve heard a lot of people say that television is bad for children. Well fine, but putting my child in the living room with an episode of one of these four shows so I can get dinner done is a wonderful advantage to having a tv. None the less, my son only cares to watch one episode at a time. At least there are these wonderful shows I can trust to show my child only things I would want him to see.


Personally, Mickey Mouse isn’t my all time favorite show but my son is in LOVE with it. He picked up a Mickey Mouse stuffy at a store and ever sense he’s been all about Mickey. That’s okay though because Mickey and the gang have a million wonderful things to teach him. To start with, Toodles is this amazing tool that gives four options to help them along the way. This teaches children to make great connections. Oh we need to jump, I need something to jump, an option is a trampoline. Oh trampolines are made for jumping. On top of that, the air of friendship is a constant theme. They are always trying to help each other, including Pete. Pete is the “bad” guy. He is selfish and always putting himself first. The club helps him realize that friendship and working together is so much better. Each episode is like a scavenger hunt. They need to help each other get something done in order to do the hot dog dance at the end of the day. That song will be stuck in your head but it’s worth it with all the great morals your child can pull from Mickey and friends.


Where as Mickey was something my son picked on his own, Blue’s Clues was mama’s, my, favorite children’s show. I’ve decorated his whole room with Blue and her pals. He’s got a dozen stuffys. Although he prefers Mickey, Blue is another show that grabs his attention right away. He’ll sit down in his rocking chair and really relax with an episode. This is a great one for younger kids because it’s incredibly repetitive. You have to find three clues, write them in Steve/Joe’s notebook, sit down in their thinking chair and think, think, thinkkkkkkk. Cause when we use our mind, take a step at a time, we can do anything that we want to do! Also known as, Steve or the newer host Joe asks Blue what she wants to do today, with a general theme like bed time, shapes, music, or school, and Blue answers by giving three clues marked by Paw Prints. Thanks to Amazon Prime, which hosts every episode, Caleb gets to watch this almost daily. Along with this 1, 2, 3 mentality of figuring things out, Blue’s Clues is also a great teacher for basic sign language. Think, thank you, come on, and a made up sign for Blue is used often. As a home where sign is not necessarily used but still supported, I greatly appreciate the incorporation of it in Blue’s Clues. I think something that draws children in is the idea of a real person with the cartoon characters. Either way, I highly recommend this.


Oh the Wonder Pets. This is another one with a song that will be very much stuck in your head, and it isn’t even that good a song. On the other hand I love this show for it’s pushiness about teamwork, taking turns, and helping animals. Then on top of it you get to see all these common and some uncommon animals and the sounds they make. It’s wonderful. My little sister had an obsession with celery after watching this show as a toddler. Who doesn’t want a kid with healthy eating habits? It’s a little far fetched and less entertaining over all than the other two shows but it’s still something I can recommend for it’s message.


This one is a little different. I recommend this not only for the child but for the parent. This show has a beautiful attachment parenting and gentle discipline outlook. A specific example is this episode where Caillou has outgrown a shirt that a family member gave to him. His mother tried to take it to give his sister. When he protested she gave it back. He tried to wear it, realized it didn’t fit, and put it on a teddy bear instead of giving it to his sister. I’ve seen people criticize this episode and say the mom should have taken it and called it good. I look at it very differently. By not taking it, letting him realize that he can grow out of things, be respected that it is HIS shirt and his property and not have something belonging to him taken away, he learns that his mother respects what is his instead of learning she is a mean person who takes what is his, doesn’t care, and when he see’s his sister wearing it being even more mad. This approach is beautiful and shows that good things can come out of not saying no once in a while. Overall the show is about growing up, gaining responsibilities, and being creative. There are a few episodes, like the one about the monsters under the bed, I would prefer my son not to watch but over all it shouldn’t be an issue and for the parents to watch it with their kiddos would benefit them both.

Thank You For Reading!

Cry it Out? No Thank You!

cioThis is one post when I have to admit, I am judging you if you do use the cry it out method. I’ll be honest. I’m 100% against it. There are zero positives in support of it. On the other hand there are a billion reasons why you shouldn’t use it and there are many other ways to soothe a baby in a healthy and supportive way that helps build confidence rather than making them miserable.

I’ve talked about my son being confident. He is held, coddled, breastfed, worn, and shown love whenever he needs it. When he would “fuss” before a nap or when he’s tired I would rock him and soothe him. Then, he’d go to sleep. Why would he not fight it? Because I didn’t force him to. I didn’t say, I’m the parent and the boss and you have to sleep right at this moment so I’ll make you stay in here alone to cry which does nothing but upsets you more and lose trust in me knowing I wont come give you the soothing you are begging for. Instead, because I would go to my fussing child, who like any baby knows that mommy or daddy is the most important person in their life, he realized that he could trust me to make him feel better. A baby’s natural instinct is to need mom and dad. They aren’t being bad. They don’t know any better and why would they? They spent the first nine months of their life inside of mom. Why would they know the outside would be any different? They wouldn’t. My son knows that he can go off and play but if he is hungry or tired his needs will be met right away because I’ve gained that trust and through it he has gained the confidence to not need to be in my arms 24/7. He doesn’t have to fight for it so doesn’t seem so needy.

Here on the other hand are a few of the terrible affects Cry it Out can have on a child:

1) Science has proven that excessive crying causes blood pressure to rise causing the blood to flow slower through the brain and make it so much harder to breath for the child permanently. Science also shows that parents who use the CiO method are 10x more likely to have children that develop ADHD.

2) The emotional and physical development can be stunted making it harder for them to become independent people.

3) The saddest in my opinion, is that although the crying may eventually stop, it isn’t because the needs or problem have been resolved. The crying stops because baby has given up hope. All this does is create a distant child who isn’t close with their parents.

4) There is no parent child trust relation. The child is less likely to come to the parent in time of need. This includes when they are a teenager in danger of going down the wrong path.

5) When you don’t respond to cries the child becomes less self assured. This has been shown to stop them from becoming more out going, creative, popular, and well-adjusted people.

6) Half of the time, it doesn’t work at all. The baby will just keep going, crying on and on, creating much more stress for everyone involved.

7) Even if it “works” it isn’t a permanent fix. Parents have to do it again and again, listening to their child suffer over and over.

8) Children have the same feelings we do. Just because we think they wont remember ten years from now doesn’t mean those feelings of abandonment wont hurt them over time.

9) Something terrifying is that the rate of SIDs goes up with cry it out families. Due to the crying causing stress and trauma, children often fall into a deeper sleep and stop breathing. Not only are they in their own sleep space where you risk not catching it, but it’s much more likely to happen.

Now, I understand that not everyone is going to co-sleep. I understand not everyone will find their grove. But please, don’t let your baby cry it out. There is no benefit. It is completely unnatural and it’s a real way to torture your child with. I can tell you first hand that the CiO method does not work the way so many people believe it does. Instead it makes life harder in all aspects. You will have a fussier, less energetic and confident child on your hands. Just give the peaceful approach a try. I know you have things you have to get done and that nap and bed time can be important, but over all shouldn’t your child come first?

Thanks for Reading Everyone. Let Me Know What You Think.

Why Are You Touching My Child?


Don’t you just hate that? You take your precious bundle of joy out and all of a sudden it’s like the world just wants to poke and prod him.

Oh he’s so cute, let me put my nasty hands all over his hands that in about two seconds will be in his mouth to show you I find him cute.

No, just no. Even worse to me, this one time a really strange lady came up to us in the library smelling like cigarettes and instead of touching Caleb started touching his toys! Like at least when people touch him I can wipe him down, but she was touching his teething toy that is fabric and I can’t exactly just wipe that down. People for some reason feel like they have every right to touch our children. Why is this? Would you just randomly walk up to an adult and start playing with their hand? No. You wouldn’t. You would have more respect for them and if you really for some reason wanted to touch them, hopefully, you would ask. So why doesn’t our children get that respect?

My son has shown again and again that he has no interest in being touched by a stranger. He pulls his hand or feet back or even pushes them away. It amazes me when the person will try again! I usually pick him up and walk away at that point because as always, my son comes first. My son has been very healthy so far and I wouldn’t want someone else to risk that. This includes other children. Parents have given me death stares when I stop their children from touching him. The reality is though that I have every right to keep my child safe not just physically but emotionally. He gets mad when strangers try to touch him before he has the time to get used to them. He shouldn’t be forced to let them touch him. That takes the trust he has in me and buries it.

So, next time you see a child, don’t touch them without their permission!

Thanks for Reading!

Frozen from a Mother’s, Or Just My Non-Cynical, Perspective


So I recently read something that I’m still struggling to process without laughing hysterically. There is this guy, and apparently many other people as well, on the internet trying to tell us that “Let it Go” is about disobeying your parents. That the whole movie is about doing what you want even if it will get others hurt. I call Bull.

The first thing wrong with any of these negative assumptions is the reality that children are no where near cynical enough for that. These articles are being written by adults that are looking for the negative. This whole movie is meant for children under the age of 13. At that age, children as a whole are not looking for reasons to disobey their parents, their hormones do enough of that, but rather they are watching a movie to enjoy the music they will annoy their parents with for the next five months. They aren’t going to listen to Let it Go and say, oh I should do whatever I want even if the people I love get hurt. No, that’s what an adult hears because they don’t want children to defy them and already think that is what children do.

The next huge issue is that the song actually has a really great meaning. Elsa is trapped for years because she is different and those differences are considered strange and wrong so her own parents for her to hide who she is. This is like the parents who are against their children being gay and try to force them back into the closet causing them huge amounts of shame and pain. Once Elsa is free to be who she is, she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone in this process may I add, she is finally happy and it starts allowing her to have confidence and be a better person till someone tries to once again make her feel bad. This entire movie is about love and how showing each other trust and acceptance can make everything better.

Even for boys it can be really inspirational. There are not a lot of movies out there that let the strapping man be on the sideline. Men in our society have a, Holier than Thou, complex. In Frozen, Kristoff easily could have been like, oh I’m your boss lady now let me save you and you don’t do anything. Instead he really does let Anna save herself and is there simply to help her along the way. It’s really a great message to children of all ages and gender.

Mostly though, this is just a really sweet movie with wonderful voice actors and a musical score that will go down in history. This whole, oh it’s this and that and children are going to think this and that, is just one more thing for people to complain about to make their lives more interesting. Let kids be kids and just…

Let it Go!

Thanks for Reading Everyone!

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Lansinoh and the Many Wonderful Uses


First of all, I just need to point out the customer service this company provides. No, it’s not even customer service, it’s general human connection and an amazing way to be treated by any company. I emailed them and within days I had a personalized email telling me that they would love to work with me. Then a few more days later in the mail there was a wonderful package containing not only these three wonderful products but a handwritten post card and a hand typed and personalized letter. I’ve worked with a few companies, and I love them dearly, but I never imagined that I’d get to work so closely with a company that makes such important and amazing items. The note card says, “Congrats on your amazing work breastfeeding Caleb! Really looking forward to working with you. I hope you enjoy these products!” I want to thank Lansinoh for being a company that is willing to take time from their busy and personal life to talk to the “little people” that use their products.

Now onto the reviewing part. In the letter their Public Relations Manager, Aubrey, made a very good point. I’m on month seven breastfeeding. For the traditional use of cracked nipples I do not need the Lanolin so much anymore and same with the gel pads. Guess what though… Caleb has teeth! He has a bad habit of biting down when he falls asleep nursing or since he’s such a smart little bugger when he wants to switch sides. The “Soothing Gel Pads” felt amazingly on my sore nipples. It’s such a nifty thing. They are reusable for 72 hours as long as they don’t end up soaked with milk and the gen stays attached to your bra very well so that it doesn’t move around like most of the gel pads I’ve seen do. For $10.99 the relief you get makes all the difference. Worth every penny when you’re so sore you feel bruised.

Lanolin is a whole different story. This is an amazing product and being the purest out there I can really trust it to be safe for my child and me alike. When I was just starting out I don’t think we would have survived without Lansinoh’s Lanolin that was gifted to me when Caleb was born. It really kept the nipples from being cracked and I didn’t have to remove it before nursing which made life easy for me especially at night. Now that I’ve built up some strength breastfeeding, I’ve found another amazing use for Lanolin! Caleb sadly gets eczema very badly; I did when I was younger as well. The solution? Lansinoh’s Lanolin. All we have to do is dab a little bit on all of his eczema spots and within a few hours it is healed and smooth as a “baby’s bottom.” Corey, my fiance, also has very chapped lips and this works wonders on that as well.

The last item sent to me was their Disposable Nursing Pads. I’m a huge stickler on nursing pads. Until now the only one I had loved and used daily was Walgreen’s Well Beginnings brand. They were cheap and soft. The problem with those for me is that once they were a little wet it would clump up too much. Lansinoh’s are Not too much more expensive and for the quality, with how soft, just thick enough, leak-proof, and the fact it doesn’t crinkle up makes paying a few extra dollars more than worth it for me.

I would certainly say my favorite of the products was the Lanolin because nothing else had given my son the relief he needed. It’s not even marketed for it but has been a real blessing for us. I would recommend it to everyone. It’s the kind of item you keep in the diaper bag at all times. You never know when you will need it.

Over all though, I am so happy to be partnered with Lansinoh because it’s a company I really can believe in. They treat people wonderfully and they create products that improve the quality of life for nursing mom’s and parents alike.

Review: Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Walker

unnamed (1)

This is so much fun! When I first got the package I was like… okay so it’s only got a few things, it will be too simple, blah blah blah. Then my wonderful fiance set it up and my opinion took a total 360 degree change. Thank you so much Disney Baby for sending this walker to us cost free. All opinions and what not our mine and totally honest. You have all read my reviews, I’m always honest one way or another. I wont lie to my readers.

Let’s get the complaints out of the way. You have to take it apart to fold it away or store it. Luckily for us we don’t really go anywhere but being able to fold it down was the only plus to the old walkers we had. That’s it though. That is my one complaint. On an item where there is only one little complaint, you know it’s gotta be good.

unnamed (2)

Alrighty, now we got that out of the way, let’s get on to why this is such a perfect walker for us. My son LOVES music. The keys on this are so easy to press and play all kinds of different sounds and songs which gives him an endless amount of entertainment. He has been sitting there for half an hour already, walking around a little bit and playing. Some, most really, toys have the same sound bite that plays over and over again. Me, as the parent listening to it, can only deal with something like that for so long. These sounds really don’t get to me at all and I’ve already just blocked them out. Instead all I hear is the happy babbles of my very content baby.

The toys are simple but engaging. Caleb loves spinning rattle like things and this walker has one that is very easy to use. He’s great at spinning it and loves to see the two different pictures; a friendly Pooh and Tigger. My mother was a huge Tigger fan so this is something close to our heart as well. The Pooh in the Honey Pot is easy to push down and squeak. To me the most important thing with all my little man’s toys is that it’s easy to use for him. I’ve had some things that to make work I have to really work for it. If it’s hard for me, then why give it to a baby?

Oh goodness what wonderful design and colors. All beautiful colors that are bright and lively. Oddly, it matches my kitchen wonderfully! I believe strongly that kids have a need for bright colors to stay interested in something. This is one toy that I don’t have to worry about that happening. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Now, this is a walker. So how does it do with that you ask? One word; Carpet! It rolls even on carpet. If it’s more than 1/2 inch tall carpet I learned a secret to making it still work. Take off the green grips with a screwdriver, takes two minutes, and you are good to go. My little man has been walking all over the place. All of his other walkers had him sitting weird so he could only go backwards. That or they couldn’t go over carpet. This one on the other hand has no problem.

One more plus is that there are three height settings. Without that, you would only have a small amount of time to use the walker. With this one, instead it lasts almost a year at least! Really worth the money for what you get out of it. This is an item I would recommend to anyone that can afford it.

Thanks so much for reading! What’s your favorite walker? Does your little one love Pooh Bear and Tigger as much as we do?